Act 3 Chapter 2 is now released with B24!

Wow, amazing changes that will surely change some of the builds around.

I am really looking forward to messing around with this.

Great job

“The Revenant of Og’Napesh has received cardio lessons and now moves considerably faster”



Thanks, I needed that… :smiley:

Gosh, I am soooo busy with stuff there is no way I can go and try it! I have to grade student exams right now! Why Crate, why why?..
I have to be patient, wait for Spring break, for my new rig to arrive to enjoy all of this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give them all A’s then start the weekend early! :stuck_out_tongue:

Woot woot :slight_smile:

OMG so many stuff added and updated! Good job, guys!

Now, to see these changes in-game…

Do we get any extra levels with this update. My XP slider doesn’t move when I start a new toon – however I can complete quests in Homestead and take on new ones, what happens to my rewards? Will I receive them retroactively at some later time?

awesome update !

not only the new content, but the critical bonuses, and among so many changes, hopefully BWC will shine again. really nice !

Wooooooo!!! Game’s running waaaay smoother right now…

Also, I loved the new changes on Blade Arc… It made my character deadlier than ever! :smiley:

There was no level cap increase. Any XP you gain from quests, if you are already at cap, will work like it always has if you were at cap.

In other words, you gain no XP when at cap and there’s not hidden XP pool that will be applied when they do raise the cap.

I swear this game is getting better and better! I don’t know if its just me but I notice a huge improvement on my overall performance. I don’t have the numbers, but I notice it. Such a smooth playthrough on my initial test after the update. Good job on that Crate!

Also, I don’t know what exactly has happened yet, but my Commando feels more tanky than ever! I didn’t mind the Frizzick’s and all the nerfs, I’m just enjoying the class now and turning to how I envisioned it to be. Looks like Crate is slowly meeting, if not exceeding my expectations.

Awesome job guys! Keep it up!

One small request though, can we get more iron sinks in the future? :smiley:

What in the Nine Hells is this?

Yup… Isn’t just you :wink: Most people should be seeing a more stable framerate for the most part and areas that consistently were coming up bad (such as Devil’s Crossing or when you opened your inventory screen) should be showing a big improvement now.

At least for me they have been.

Holy cow, Homestead looks amazing… no, wait, even better: Homestead feels amazing, the way the level is designed, the stair, the atmosphere, the NPCs…
And this list of changes is great!

Not done yet with this chapter but seriously you guys are tremendous. I always believed in you from the beginning as you were behind TQ, but I was waiting for a small and “ok” game. And damn is this game already exceeding my expectations by far…

Looking forward to checking out Homestead and mess around with new build tweaks :smiley:

Really My Blade Arc Character does half the damage he did yesterday. Sure my DPS is 900 points higher, but actual damage done is half of what it use to be.

  • Frizzick’s Utility Pack has been redesigned. This belt’s versatile +1 to All Skills was difficult to pass up for many builds and stifled selection in that gear slot.

haven’t tried it yet, but got a feeling my pure summoner just took a HUGE hit

having +1 to all hell hounds skills was the only way to go for a pure summoner

I know the point was to increase belt selection options,
but if I can’t find a belt with increased pet damage then I guess my options are any random belt with +health, +resists :frowning:

can increased pet damage spawn on a belt ?

this is incredible, amazing work. i have a terrible laptop and the framerate increase in this build is astonishing, it feels like i’m playing a completely different game.

just finished what i think is all the content (have yet to pick between kymon and vigil, and have yet to decide on whether or not to take that spooky ghost girl back to devil’s crossing) and i love the mob density in the new areas. a breath of fresh air compared to what a slog pine barrens and tyrant’s hold felt like.

lots of interesting new MIs available too. really just a fantastic job all around, can’t wait to spend more time on this tomorrow.

Awesome stuff! Too bad I’m going to the beach today, won’t be able to actually play for a week :(.

The belt was a bit too versatile which is probably why it and Mask of Delerium were changed.

Otherwise here are a few good changes for pet builds:

"Removed % Total damage from the suffix “Bestial Rage”, but the suffix now gives a larger bonus to pets and scales better on 2h weapons

Removed % Total damage from the suffix “the Wild, but it now also grants % Attack Speed to pets”

And yes “the Wild” suffix can appear on belts which give pets % Total Damage, eventually % health regen and now the additional attack speed which would greatly benefit the hellhound.

Savagery and Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh are also really useful - that and Devil’s Grin and several other items.

edit: I believe +1 to all skills on one item may be seen in future items where it makes sense to have such a powerful stat.

Well, at least you can enjoy the beach. I’m down with the flu. :frowning: Will download the update, but not sure when I’m going to be fit enough to start playing it yet. Sure it’s going to be awesome devs.