Act 3 Chapter 2 is now released with B24!

I love you.

Items which have fallen through level geometry should now be placed back on the ground after a short period

ohh boy, cant wait to play this.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing while buried under a foot of snow tomorrow. Perfect timing.

Yep, very nice fix. Usually takes a second or 2 for it to reappear. :slight_smile:

Amazing changes! I can’t wait to begin testing.

Thank you community. There are many helpful and friendly people on this forum.

Thank you Crate, stay hungry! I have already got several of my friends to install this game, and we are very happy. Keep up the good work.

So what exactly was done to Frizzick’s pack? Does it now give no bonuses to anything, or what? And no, I’m not at home right now so I can’t look at my characters who are equipped with it…

It no longer gives +1 All Skills and instead gives 7% Total Damage, +18 OA, and +24 DA.

These are the stats on mine anyways. I am not sure what stat range is.

Great work!

The era of Frenetic Throw has ended…thanks to that Deadly Momentum change, the era of Cadence is here! Victory cry!

Kinda sad to see the utter killing of itemization. I don’t see much cause for needing to reduce such affixes as you did, especially some of the more obscure ones. Not mentioned in patchnotes: Handguards of Redemption now has a lower base % attack speed (My 9% rolls are now at 5%, my 10% roll is at 7%).

You sneaky @#%$$^#@%!! There’s a whole slew of content in this build! And it’s all awesome, except for that freaking door outside the barn.:stuck_out_tongue:

I could write an essay about all those things that I liked in this build, but I’ll just keep it short and congratulate the team. Well done!

As always, very good work Crate devs xD.

Can anyone confirm that Deadly Momentum affects the first two normal strikes while using Cadence? (I would imagine that it is its primary purpose.) My DPS in the character sheet does not go up after a third strike. This is one of the best updates yet. I recently got a new ‘state of the art’ machine and the performance of this game went in the wrong direction. Now, it is as smooth as glass.

Always happy to see an update, thanks Crate.

How do I access the new content? Can’t seem to find an exit to the North out of Homestead. Looks like the farmlands can be explored, but all entrances there are blocked.

Did you complete the quest for Ulgrim in Deadman’s Pass?

will we get a level cap increase in next build?

Could you perhaps explain the mechanics of the new critical damage bonus?

I’ve been having fun with this game since the very first build, but there is one thing that continually hampers my enjoyment.


I love playing my nightblade in steps of torment, but if there is one thing that is not enjoyable it is lack of player control. There has to be some other way to adjust difficulty other than locking me in place so that i just have to watch myself die. I realize that there are stats for resisting various CC effects, but in my experience the deficiency in defense that results from attempting to stack CC resist, isn’t worth it.
I have found myself abandoning melee characters in favor of ranged recently so that I can simply avoid the frustrating stunlocks.

I love what I’ve played so far.

However, can someone let me knwo waht the last story quest is?

Kill the mobs that stun you before they do!

There are items that have stun resistance and entrapment resistance (explorer’s boots).

Skeletal Monstrosities/Gargantuans can use a bone trap on you which does root you in place (entrapment) for a small duration. Those and the Ice Revenants are the only things that deal CC on you in SoT.

New part of Act 3 only has Dermapteran Reavers which have a charge/stun ability. Might be some Groble Geomancers who can stun as well but those are mostly in Act 3 part 1 and only a bit in part 2.

As others have said it’s best to either gear against cc or kill the enemies that are cc’ing you first.