Activating WPS with auto-attack replacer

Good afternoon.

Sorry if I’m late for the party (took some time away from the game) and if the question is dumb (I forgot A LOT of things):

Can auto-attack replacers from items (like Touch of Chaos & Fleshwarped Strikes) proc skills (like Markovian’s Advantage & Reaping Strike)?

Like I said, I forgot a lot. Looking that question up, I saw a lot of contradicting information, so I’m still in doubt.

Yes, it can, because those two are default weapon attack replacers.

EDIT: skills like “Bone Harvest”, “Forcewave” and such can’t proc “Reaping Strike” for example because they simply aren’t default weapon attacks or their replacers.

Thanks. Those skills (Bone Harvest, etc.) I do remeber, as well as attacks like Reaping Arc (Uroboruuk’s Reaping).

all skills that are considered “default attacks”/default attack replacers/“auto attack replacers” will trigger WPS
the only one that is special is Cadence in how it works with interaction of wps

all default attacks should say “somewhere” in the tooltip description that it is so “in some form”, often by the phrase “when used as default attack”

eitherway the list of AA replacers should be something like
Fire Strike
Righteous Fervor
Belgothian Strikes
Fleshwarped Strikes
Runic bolts
Touch of Chaos
Beronath’s Fury
Troll Rage

unsure if i forgot one or two :thinking:


Thanks for the reply. =)

Sometimes someone already wrote a guide :wink: