Active healing numbers displayed like Damage numbers?

HI team! With the exciting patch update, including the new Augur (Myth. Apothecary) set, there is more encouragement to healing. I’ve recently made a healing character that I loev and feel is very helpful, but it’s not always clear to see how much benefit is being done.

As a healer build jumping into a team of random online players, you’re not really sure what those players are capable of as solo builds, so it’s hard to say how much effect you’re having unless a player explicitly types out some assuring feedback.

Many builds focus on damage, and it’s exciting to see big numbers show up on screen, with screenshakes and colour changes for epic crits, but as a heal build there isn’t any of that feedback to be had when healing your team.

Would the game devs consider including a “display healing” type function like the “display damage/crit multiplier” functions in the game? I think having the instant feedback of seeing healing numbers across your team or pets would give that instant gratification we gamers love and crave so much, but for healer builds :smiley:


Sounds like a good idea if only feasible to develop now. Maybe with an option to disable numbers from life stealing, because heavily stealing characters could see a constant stream of numbers. Another option could be to show the same numbers for monsters healing themselves.

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I like it. Yeah, it’d be important to toggle lifesteal healing on/off.

I was thinking more for groupwide devotions and skills mainly, like Healing Rain, BLood of dreeg, Combat medic’s Mark, Menhir’s Bastion etc :slight_smile:

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Well you can see player health bars as it is, both from the party UI and above character.

I think a higher priority is reducing visual damage clutter as the number of damage sources players can be high. Unless a skill or hit crits it is hard to see how much damage was dealt. Let us filter out damage somehow, maybe something simple like “only display damage if above x” where the player can change x.

Until that happens this is too niche, so no from me.

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You know you can just turn off damage numbers, right?

Again, as a HEALER, damage numbers don’t clutter the screen much, So being able to turn ON heal numbers would give good feedback to how well you’re healing, how often you’re healing etc.

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Yep. That’s all or nothing though. I’d like less clutter by not seeing small damage numbers from devotions, item procs or RR skills. If I could just see the numbers of my auto-attacks and/or heavy hitting skills that would be ideal.

I get what you want, but realistically it would have to show actual healing (discount excess over max HP) to be useful as the numbers and all other information is there in the tooltips. The need for damage numbers comes from RR and Crit; but for healing there isn’t nearly as much need.

It would be too much clutter on screen

I think people are completely missing the idea that this could be an optional display which, if you didnt want the clutter of healing values displayed on the screen, you could toggle it off. Could have it in the options as “Display Healing Values” (or whatever) and just check or un-check it.

Personally Im a huge fan of this idea. For anyone who enjoys running a healing support build in multiplayer, this would be a hugely inclusive additional quality of life feature, as it would be optional.

Seriously what is the downside of having it as an option you could toggle on or off? Im honestly curious.

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+1 to that, not because I’m gonna play healer etc, it gives us chance to see and test lifesteal ticks with normal hits, procs, etc. It would be very nice. Some people can play with it constantly, and some just enable it to see how much life they steal and they go back to seeing damage hits.


Yes, exactly!

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