Add a hero/"mini boss" to Warden's Estate front door

Twice i’ve been surprise attacked by this weird/giant Rage Hulk hero thingy spawning in front of the door/stairs to Warden’s estate/house, at low level/going through veteran

and it was such a phenomenal “shock”/unexpected surprise attack fight at that early stage i’ve kept hoping it would happen again, but never did

So, i suggest to add one of the larger Rage Hulk hero bois to either guarantee spawn there, or ala Loxmere “with some degree of likelihood” to spawn, as sort of a “warden’s butler” mini boss entrance smack encounter to the house
nothing fancy, just wee beefy boi that bumrushes you, as you think/expect to casually stroll up to the house, - which just so happens to slap tiny bit harder than the other/usual heroes you’ve encountered so far :grin:


And add an amulet that drops from it by a 50% chance that screams, “U shall not pass… act 1”


Lol :joy: I’m dying!


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