Add Inquisitor Seal support to Radaggan set

As it is right now the Inquisitor side of the Radaggan set doesn’t help much, and it might actually be detrimental compared to other class choices due to Possession being locked out in favor of Aura of Censure. The bonuses to AoC might have looked good a long time ago, but ever since we’ve had many buffs to all kinds of devotions and items (i.e. Yugol having target’s damage reduction %) and now it isn’t enticing enough to build around.

So my suggestion is to add Inquisitor Seal support to the set. Add some bonuses so we can reach 22/12 on it, perhaps some % damage absorption to account for not having Possession and - most importantly - make it green. I want to leave green circles all over the ground with my Deceiver.

The set could also benefit from some flat damage and casting/attack speed. My idea was to use Seal of Blight or Yugol’s Hunger, but the lack of flat damage and speed will probably prevent it from dealing good damage.

On a side note, some sets should have Inquisitor Seal conversions strictly for aesthetic/thematic reasons, like Voidsoul and Black Scorch Covenant. The graphics are already present with the Inquisitor Seal conduit affix.

Short word on this. It’s not necessary for filler skills like Acid Purge to deal amazing damage for their use if your cooldown skills are solid enough as is, amazing being something in the ballpark of 120k sheet DPS or above. Radaggan Deceiver gets 5 Sigils that do 800-900 base damage each. Specifically on Acid Purge as well, a big part of it’s damage comes from the 232 base Vitality/Acid damage, the weapon damage makes less difference compared to Flames of Ignaffar that can push double or triple the amount with skill modifiers.

Take a look at some other builds around the forums that use Stormfire, Chain Lightning or Acid Purge as filler skills like Trozan builds for Chain Lightning. They work with 140-170% cast speed and fairly low amounts of flat weapon damage on their filler skills because their Totems/Devils and gear/devotion procs do the bulk of their damage.

Some examples:

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I think you have a good point. I haven’t actually tested a Ragaddan Deceiver yet. I just tried making a build and realized there was no point to picking Inquisitor with Possession locked out. Witch Hunter or Sentinel seemed straight up better.

I wanted to make a build with Acid Purge because my friend’s DEE Witch Hunter dealt 160k+ dps with it (more than DEE itself funnily enough). But that wont be possible without massive conversions from Dreeg set or something similar. And might not be necessary or too strong.

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