[] Sonya The Devastator - vital devastation spellbinder SR110/superbosses


crafted for 9% phys total

Introduction Hello. I want to share my first build on this forum. This build use vital devastation as a main damage and acid purge with procs as support.

Build uses full Diviner’s set with Gaze of Ungoliax for devastation. Used rare amulet preffix Magi’s for cdr and 26/16 devastation, but it’s possible to use another preffixes with devastation bonus.
Another gear for max RR, because of only 1 RR in mastery and usual vitality gear.

+spellbinder’s skills for survival with up to 39% cdr
+devastation allows kiting
+huge damage & good survival

-too much fear, knokdows, ghosts aggro, it’s annoying in crucible
-8 sec cd, so if enemies run out of devastation aoe, you should wait

Crucible Buffed crucible time is about 6 min, so I even didn't upload it. Here's naked run with extra:

Special thanks to Safarel’s discord community members for help with guide writing.



-Vitality caster has passed SR110

-Oh, conjurers these days…

-It’s vitality devastation



Similar to this one [] [Spellbinder] Eldritch Rain
but with higher overcaps. What do you think @Evil_Baka?

I think I’ve heard this sound before…

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The game has become too eazy nowadays :laughing:. Or Takens overpowered.

Vit Devastation SR110?


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Well, Tolik is a very skilled pilot, but SR110 is still hella impressive. I’ve been thinking SR100+ is a 100% pet and retal territory until today.

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Nice, nice.

i have seen your videos of piloting Lee’s builds, so here’s your super exciting and powerful build!

Crazy SR achievement as well!

Holy fucking sr 110 build. Also looks like a meme so it’s so surprising when I saw the build. Nice one!

There’s a few build choices I’m not a huge fan of but those are just personal touches/differences I made. I can’t argue with results though, his version is by far better than mine. Great build! @supertolik


Very impressive, especially you were not even using any pharma.

Great build! I was theorycrafting similar concept but didn’t bother testing because I thought it’s going to be Cronley Crawler… Looks like I was so wrong! :rofl:

One question: What about Decree of Aldritch of Decree of Malmouth for weapon? I guess your choice is better but why exactly?

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What a hell of a build! I’ll try it soon!

Thanks for posting!

Maybe cuz ADcTH and CD reduction on Fang.

Thank you!
First of all - RR, the second - cdr, the third - lifesteal improves bat, scales and acid purge, helps a bit.
And I don’t need extra skillpoints.


Something I’ll look into! cheers!

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This is a really cool build and concept. I am curious, has anyone built something with similar effect using the spellscourge set? You don’t have -% resistance reduction, but you would have permanent devastation and almost permanent overguard.

Thank you.
There is a spellscourge battlemage build

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Playing this build yesterday i can say, after watching the videos, @supertolik is a insane pilot!

I’m having some troubles with some Nemesis and SR 75+ :zantai:

Spellbinder has MoE and MoT, always was one of the most immortal class. Add in Vitality damage, and it isn’t that surprising.

Great build :smiley:.