[] Sonya The Devastator - vital devastation spellbinder SR110/superbosses

For me it is surprising because vitality usually doesn’t thrive in single RR classes and devastation doesn’t strike me as a strong skill either.

It gets some help on the RR front with the additional RR to Ill Omen. Still not double mastery levels but Vitality RR in the area of 140-160 isn’t bad.

Really though, I think the thing that makes up for it is the raw power on Devastation here. The skill mods to it on Diviner coupled with it being pure damage are insane. Putting it into perspective for supertolik’s character - every projectile does 960-1114 base Vitality damage, 10 of them get dropped per second in an area just a touch bigger than Ring of Steel and he has almost full uptime on this.

It basically is double RR mastery level. -68% RR from itemisation, pretty huge.

And yeah, Diviner +1 projectile is a huge DPS increase to Devastation.

I’m getting one-shoted by some heroes monsters, but on the other hand melting with no effort Lokkar, Grava, Morgo, that tree boss at Ancient Groove…

What a mistery…

I’m trying to figure out what i’m doing wrong.

The phys resist of this build looks pretty low, maybe that is the reason?

This is a stroke of genius. They nerfed Spellbinders by putting aether to cold conversion on Star Pact. So, just use Vitality instead. What’s the problem? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Vitality Spellbinder only got buffed to be pretty good/worth picking Arcanist on Vitality casters with a handful of items like Gaze of Ungoliax. This is a new development compared to Aether Spellbinders which were popular many updates ago. The two aren’t really that comparable in the way you describe.

You’re right, not like there was a huge variety in Aether builds either but definitely Vitality was not something you would consider at endgame before. And here there’s no Aeon’s Hourglass to abuse Mirror/Torment. Just a really good build with a godlike pilot.

Sonya has 20% more CDR due to taking C’thon dagger, Star Pact + the suffix on the amulet. Good stun res from medal, Topaz. 135% move speed instead of 124%. More RR taken from a lot of different sources. Capping Devastation by getting more points from the MI roll. Intentionally not emphasizing cast speed because it doesn’t matter here. It’s a lot of things that add up.

Why is it not in the build compendium?

Because the author didn’t bother to submit a triple stamped application paper. :rofl:

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Crate Entertainment forum bureaucracy is strict :expressionless:.

why ppl usually don’t do a leveling guide? im new to the game and I wanted to make this build ;-;

Welcome to the forums!

Most builds posted here are designed to be used by the player at endgame (lv94+), and many are gear-dependent and will not perform properly until you put on that endgame gear. In many cases, players will level with builds entirely different than the endgame ones they eventually intend to spec into, either because leveling is easier/smoother that way or because the endgame build is so gear-dependant that leveling with the desired endgame build is not really possible.

While you could farm lower level versions of the Monster Infrequent amulet that makes the vitality Devastation build possible and use it during leveling, keep in mind as well that Devastation is a skill towards the end of the skill bar, so it’d take a while to even get a build up-and-running that plays similarly to the one posted here.

Instead, maybe take a look at

for Spellbinder leveling ideas.

The guides labelled “beginner guides” on the forum are generally pretty good at taking you through the leveling process and contain both skill and gear suggestions, the latter of which are typically formulated so that you can avoid having to rely much on RNG to get that gear.

Also keep in mind that if this is your first character, you may be at the mercy of RNG for a time (maybe a long-ish time) while you wait for the appropriate gear pieces and/or blueprints to drop that will allow you to complete the build.

As an aside, I decided to do a fresh start Spellbinder recently, and while I did something different (and somewhat less efficient) for leveling, I’ve found that something like

specifically the “Alternative build” setup by @ya1

has been a nice rough template to shoot for as an intermediate farming goal on my way to the final build— Krieg set is target-farmable, and Scion of the Screaming Veil, while not target-farmable, drops from Aetherwarped Totems at an increased frequency, so it gave me something fun to look forward to while Totem farming in Ultimate difficulty. (Mostly the proc on Scion weapon is really cool looking, so now I have something cool to look at while I get more gear.)


Wow, thanks for taking your time! I really appreciate the effort you put to teach me how things works around here!

I’ll def be doing that spellbinder leveing build, thx a lot! <3

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Because most build in game is item dependant. And if you do have these items leveling is easy so no need telling people who has them items how to get to level 94