Krieg CT Spellbinder - Gladiator Grinder


Build: here (The aggressive version with the Dying God.)

Alternative build: here (The defensive version with the Aeon’s Hourglass, suggested by ya1.)


The Scion of Screaming Veil (SOSV) is a perfect aether two-handed melee weapon for Necromancer-based heroes. After obtaining in the Crucible, I equipped my Spellbinder with it, added the Krieg set and was very, very pleased with results.



Description of the build

The core of this build is the SOCV + the Krieg’s Armaments set + the Agrivix’s Malice relic. Green pants provide you with needed resistances and defensive ability. Rings convert the chaos damage into the aether one, provide you with the resist reduction and increase your cast speed. The belt is BiS for caster spellbinders. Finally, the Conduit of Undying Whispers converts the cold damage on your Bone Harvest spell into the aether one (the best bonus resistance is vitality or chaos).


  • very tanky;
  • extremely high damage at close range;
  • good OA.


  • below average CC resistances;
  • moves slowly.


  • Spam Callidor’s Tempest and use the Bone Harvest to nuke groups of enemies.
  • Relocate yourself through the usage of the Will of the Fallen Kings. Use it also to retreat from bosses and heal yourself while the MoR and the MoT are on cooldown.
  • Use the MoR and the MoT to tank bosses and remove buffs from them by the Nullification. While they are active, you can facetank dangerous enemies like Mad Queen and Nemesises.
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Nice build, one idea/question: Bone Harvest transmuter for some more damage :slight_smile: (but you would loose range) - did you try it?

Hey that’s cool idea combining CT+BH and new weapon, well done! I would use Bone Harvest transmuter and also Korvaak devotion, which is so fitting with 2H builds and big Weapon Damage.

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Slow res kinda sucky. And no Aeon for true binder defense. Plus you got BH transmuter for 2h untaken. Check this instead

This is more of a general question, but since you @ya1 are one of the CT gods I worship you will probably have the answer. I have not played or followed GD for about 6 months. Inferno now has flat lightning damage. How important is it these days to max inferno and convert that lightning damage to aether? Thanks in advance

What? :astonished:

I think he mean that you wield it with two hands :slight_smile: Perhaps something got lost in translation

It’s 140 lightning at hardcap so it’s not nothing. If to hardcap both nodes it would be about 25% of the whole flat on CT. But I haven’t seen a build that would do that. Agrivix now converts some lightning to fire so it’s already a sizable haircut if to pursue that on Agrivix. Global lightnig to aether practically doesn’t exist (some green chest has it iirc). Elemental to aether gear (Diviner, Reaper offhand, Aldrich scepter, Magelord rings, etc.) usually block BiS items for CT (Maw of the Damned, Agrivix set, Wrath scepter or this 2h sword, Haunt and Albrecht rings). So it seems like it’s not worth it. But I never tried so idk.

Could be worth it with Magelord rings, Diviner chest and green shoulders which would already convert the fire and so leave belt slot for vitality to aether and thus full Bone Harvest buff (with Wrath scepter which got vit to aether lately). Worth exploring.

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For the shock of Ya and other builds I maxed Inferno, despite the no conversion. But you can see that sheet DPS is basically twice higher than previous Binder versions, I totally dig that approach.

What’s crazy is Harra set can convert both Fire and Lightning with Aether on top to cold.

Side note:spirit is personal perversion. :sweat_smile:

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I came up with this using the ingredients listed by ya1

here is version with BH

@M1litarist sorry for hijacking your thread ! ^^

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My mistake. Corrected it.

Not a problem.