[] [Spellbinder] Eldritch Rain

Stats shown are with passives and Hungering Void active. Sheet DPS is Acid Purge.


Setup I use.

Affix-less version.

If using Legplates of Valor, I recommend getting Elemental, Acid or Aether resistance on your Gaze of Ungoliax. Alternatively, Arcane Harmony Leggings can be used, in which case you want to look out for Pierce, Bleed and Acid resistance on your Gaze of Ungoliax.

Craft your gear if possible for Stun resistance. Otherwise +% Physique/Armour arn’t bad either.

See this post for an archived build link for v1.1.6.2.

Build Concept

  • Devastation is our main nuke dropping 80 projectiles that do a ton of pure Vitality damage each. And with a downtime of ~2-3s.
  • Acid Purge is our secondary skill for damage and life steal. It’s fine for filler damage/ADCtH but don’t expect it to handle big threats quickly on it’s own - that’s what Devastation is for.
  • Reap Spirit provides a bit of extra side damage through up to 5 Spirits and the high weapon damage/Vitality Decay damage eventhough we are not aiming to spam it out like a traditional Diviner caster.
  • Classic Binder defenses using Mirror and Mark with Maiven’s for damage absorption.
  • Life Leech RR on Rattosh + Haunt skyrockets our life steal potential as well.

For anyone curious on how this build’s Devastation stacks up against others like Pyran, here are some screenshots:

Vitality Devastation

Both are with passives and Hungering Void active.


Devastation: One of our main damage abilities.
Mirror of Ereoctes: Enables temporarily invulnerability for offensive or defensive purposes.
Reap Spirit (Hungering Void): Provides some side damage through the Spirits it spawns and the skill itself.
Ill Omen: Great debuffer for reducing incoming damage.
Mark of Torment: Reduces incoming damage dramatically for offensive or defensive purposes.
Acid Purge (Twin Fangs): Our other main damage ability that takes care of small fry.
Haunt (Will of Rattosh): Another great debuffer.
Displacement: Personal preference here, use whatever movement skill you want.
Pet Attack: Completely optional. Use it if you want to direct the Spirits to focus fire a specific enemy.

Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange: Provides us with OA, Crit damage and Aether resistance.
Maiven’s Sphere of Protection (Tip the Scales): Some passive damage absorption and crowd control resists.
Spectral Binding: Some health, OA and resist reduction through the modifier.
Harbinger of Souls: Flat and % Vitality damage, casting speed and global life steal, can’t go wrong.
Void-Ward Aura: Much needed resistances. The racial damage is also welcome as many Ch’thonics heavily resist Vitality damage.

Resist Reduction

Reap Spirit: Provides 25 reduced target’s resistance on enemies hit by the initial cast only. The spirit pets DO NOT apply it with their attacks.
Tip the Scales: Provides 25 reduced target’s resistance on any enemy when you are hit sometimes.
Will of Rattosh: Provides -25% Vitality resistance and -8% Life Leech resistance through Haunt.
Spectral Wrath: Provides -38% Vitality resistance on enemies in an area when you are hit sometimes.
Ill Omen: Provides -18% Vitality resistance as a debuff that spreads from one enemy to other like a contagion.
Haunt: Provides -8% Vitality resistance and -8% Life Leech resistance in an area.
Mythical Cursebearer: Provides -10% Vitality resistance on enemies in an area when you are hit sometimes.
Mythical Signet of the Fallen: Provides -15% Vitality resistance on an enemy that you crit sometimes.

In total, this leaves us at -114% Vitality resistance and 25 reduced (as Reap Spirit/Scales do not stack), effectively -139% Vitality resistance and -16% Life Leech resistance.

Tip the Scales is taken alongside Reap Spirit so we can apply our flat RR passively, otherwise, we would be breaking Acid Purge repeatedly.


Enough Cunning to equip your dagger. Rest into Physique for that sweet DA and health.


Debuff with Haunt and Ill Omen and keep them up at all times. Reap Spirit should be used to trigger Hungering Void whenever it’s down or as a quick throw-out on enemies outside of the range of Acid Purge before you approach; having a few Spirits up helps with clearing crowds and finishing off stragglers.

On Heroes, Bosses or anything else you want dead ASAP, cast Devastation and optionally order your Spirits to focus it. If it has a buff then nullify it. If it’s going to kill you, then mirror or mark it. In all other situations, you should be melting faces with Acid Purge.

Kills and Achievements



Neat build.
I’ve been toying with this set on Templars for max cdr on devastation. I might try to make a Templar with that conduit to see if you can get decent stats for vit/acid hybrid.
I haven’t tried this aether/vit hybrid yet, but hopefully soon I’ll test it.

Originally, I planned this out as a Templar as well like this.

The extra CDR, passive RR from Guardians and Ascension are all great. I considered shifting devotion around for 4 points into Rumor at one point as I’d be able to push up to -97% Acid RR on this setup including it but decided against it because of the build having low % Acid damage.

If you do make an Acid/Vitality hybrid though, would love to see it and how it fares :grinning:.

Damn, Acid Purge+Devastation is unlikely combo for a build!

Add Reap Spirit to the mix and party’s got even weirder :smile:

Does this build have Red Devastation? :slight_smile:

It's Acid Green

I think the closest you’ll get to red Devastation is using the full Pyran’s set as that turns it orange / fire coloured like Meteor Shower.

If you’re deadset on something red with a similar feel to Devastation, you could also consider the new Mortar Trap Conduit as this turns it crimson now like so:

Chaos Mortar Trap

Oh that is beautiful - Acid Meteors oh my :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing this - i was just under process of leveling a AAR spellbinder but might end up with your awesome build!

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Btw have you tried the build in SR or any of the Celestial bosses? Curious how it would do.

Mogdrogen is probably doable with the right prep (more +x% max Lightning res and Lightning overcap). Ravager might be doable as well with some kiting, especially after he enrages. Callagadra is a big nope.

Lokarr is easily killed by rotating Mark/Mirror, unless he rolls a GG-rolled weapon with Physical damage bonuses and/or bad mutators, he’s fine. No idea on Crate.

I’ve done SR 65-66 with the build, it’s fairly tanky but still requires good play to avoid high damage bursts outside of Mark/Mirror. Can’t say how it would do on deep shards.

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Not perfect but got an ok amulet and made changes to legs/augments to fit it in. Guide is updated.

Short update for
  • Only gear change that needs to be made is to swap the Conduit of Arcane Whispers out for a Gaze of Ungoliax - it is tailor-made for us. This’ll also give you 2 extra points in Ill Omen, move those to Overload.
    Try to farm one with Elemental, Acid or Aether resistance. I myself am still in the process of getting one I’m happy with. Once I do, I will update the initial post with a new character window. Links for v1.1.6.2 will be archived below.

  • Overall, it seems like damage has increased. Without even swapping out the Conduit, sheet DPS on Acid Purge with Hungering Void went from ~100k in to ~115k in and I expect it to increase a tiny bit more with a good amulet. As mentioned above, Ungoliax’s amulet also skyrockets our Devastation damage and means we can have it active almost all the time. RR seems roughly the same as well, just shifted from Haunt to Ill Omen.

Rest in peace Green Meteors as we've moved on to Pink/Purple Meteors.

v1.1.6.2 Grimtools

The helmet is crafted for stun resistance, hence why I have 40% in-game and 30% on the grimtools link.