Devastation Skill

Hello, my friends, how are you? I hope you are well !!! :grinning:

I come here humbly to ask your help on an issue.

I am a big lover of the skill devastation (arcanist) and I was wondering if there is any current build that uses it as main skill or second skill.

Thank you very much in advance. :grin:

Sure, there are lots of them. Look into the Compendium

Two that come to my mind because I’ve seen them recently are

(has red Vitality Devastation)

also there’s Devastation tag

and devastation in title

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Thank you very much for answering me.
I’m going to look at all the links now and decide which one to do. It is likely that I will do them all. :rofl:

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Nice avatar :slightly_smiling_face:

About Devastation, I like aether version, it have some rare items like Annie’s hood and Decree of Aldrich but is very cool.

Here’s my greedy offensive version.

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Thank you. :grinning:

I’m a big fan of your builds and I’ve done some (almost all) I joined a few hours ago in the forum and I’m reading a lot and seeing some compiled too.

I will definitely make your build luckily i already have some items and i will need to go after the rest.

Sorry for any mistakes in writing because english is not my main language. :sweat_smile:

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