Any good Vitality Casters other than PB and RE?

I’ve messed around with PB and RE a good amount. Its fun and all, but I want to try something different. I really like Siphon Souls from the Necromancer mastery. Any builds around that or something? Maybe Drain Essence build? Any advice is welcome.

Yes, plenty of options for vitality caster builds, Conjurer for example is very strong class. You can check this build:

Siphon souls is support skill, you can use it in your Necro build but not as main damage dealer. Drain essence is also an option.


Pink Vitality Devastation Spellbinder

I’ve got a Vitality/Bleeding caster with Grasping Vines as main cast and lots of procs, much fun, I love this build! Could even add Corrupted Storm Totem to it, but I’m too lazy for that :wink:

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That build has lost conversion from more recent patch iirc. Mythical damnation is the weapon for chaos to vit these days.

Doom bolt conjurer with vit storm totem and wendigo totem is really great though.

? It has 100% Chaos to Vit conversion on average. Look closely.
Anything other than Clairvoyant’s Wand is crap because of no +2m target area.

[edit] Sorry I see Mythical Damnation has it as well

[edit2] But it doesn’t have -0.5 s skill recharge so CW is easily better
neither does it have casting speed, cooldown and Moment of Clarity, come on

Yeah. I didn’t look at the build, just recalled riftwarped glove or something lost chaos to vit.

It’s a good build for sure. I like the gear freedom that damnation gives, but on a pure doom bolt caster it would lose out yeah.