Add Venomlash to Mythical Venomlash

Topic. It’s just a 10% Chance proc. It’s no fun when you finally get to upgrade your weapon to it’s Mythical version and gimmicks are removed.

This goes for many items in general. In my opinion a bad design decision when you came up with Item Skill Modifiers. ‘Balance’ could have been achieved differently.

I might be wrong, but I think this

100 Acid Damage to Amarasta's Blade Burst
100% Cold Damage converted to Acid Damage to Amarasta's Blade Burst
500 Poison Damage over 5 Seconds to Belgothian's Shears

is better than the proc. Why would you combine those two? To make it OP? Venomlash is a basic attack modifier, Amarasta’s Blade Burst damage is changed to Acid, why would you still want the proc? Additional 100 damage + massive base damage from ABB + it’s buff. 1.8 sec cooldown vs. 10% chance on attack + lower damage. If they added it, they’d need to nerf the weapon overall (they won’t add it).

There is only a small difference between regular attacks compared to a level 26 ABB in terms of single target dps for melee dual wield due the massive damage penalty due only hitting with the offhand.

If you add that ABB has a cool down + is not affecting or triggering wps I see no way to make a useful ABB build with this item currently.

Venomlash is a Weapon Pool Skill, not a basic attack modifier.

I mean that’s what I meant but I didn’t exactly know how to name it, thanks for clarifying that.

Personally I can’t be more glad that it’s gone. The weapon skill only uses your main hand so it’s actually a dps loss for dual wielding builds when it triggers. It also uses the Zolhan’s Technique animation, which is probably the slowest attack animation around.

Do regular attacks use both weapons simultaneously?

Yes if you have enough dual wielding skills, like all Nightblade do. Your regular attack is expected to do >200% weapon damage which easily outdamage Venomlash/ABB

But the animation shows that a character first hits with on weapon then another. Misguided?

Whether Venomlash makes the item stronger or weaker, I think signature effects shouldn’t have been removed in favor of balance. Like Trick Shot on The Adversary. They are unique but unavailable on the ‘endgame’-version of the item.

A friend of mine recently purchased AoM after Ragnarök got him back into ARPGs. He plays some kind of melee Cabalist and after finding two pairs of Mythical Voidsteel Gauntlets he asked me if it’s a known bug that it is missing the skill effect. Because it is an upgraded version of the regular ones, right? He was even considering that it might be corrupted game files on his end.

I can see how it can be confusing for people that don’t follow Dev Letters. Or even just the forums for that matter.

I don’t really follow everything they say in patch notes and when I saw two the same items, but one mythical the other one not, and one had an additional effect (like Venomlash) I knew what’s going on, even though I didn’t know they chose to do such thing for balance purposes. So he was probably one of few people who think it’s a bug (because they didn’t know about the fact), or I am just one of those few who know what’s up in such situations.

This has been an issue for many mythical items and Zantai has budged on a few of them but not all. The standard course of action was to nerf the item skill modifiers to compensate for bringing back the (upgraded) proc.

Mythical items that lose the proc but gain 100% conversion of some kind compared to their non-mythical versions are IMHO tricky to deal with though.

Nerfing the item skill modifier means possibly reducing the conversion to 80% or something like that, which might not “feel” right, especially for the OCD among us.

So honestly I don’t know what’s the best course of action here. Bringing back the proc without nerfing the conversion might make the item OP. Not bringing back the proc will dissatisfy some players, as it’s occurred many times before with other gear. It seems Crate will just have to chose who they want to piss off the most. :stuck_out_tongue: