Additional stats Stacking max targets???

While I was using Drain Essence on my Necromancer, I came across this Spectral Shield that at magic strength just had +1 to Drain Essence, but at Rare it had +2 & 10% chance to affect up to 2 additional targets.

Then I invested 3 points into the first augment for Drain Essence, giving it an additional 14% chance to affect up to 2 additional targets. When I hovered over the skill on my hot bar while having the rare shield equipped, it read 24% chance to affect up to 4 targets???

Does that mean what it says on paper, or is that the way the game displays 2 separate chances to do the same thing? I was actually expecting it to be 24% chance to affect up to 2 targets rather than 4, but if that’s just how it displayed 2 separate proc chances that are independent of each other, it would be nice if it was displayed or conveyed a little more clearly.

You probably misunderstood how bonus from Spectral Shield works. It adds +10% to chance of affecting extra targets for Drain Essence, and adds +2 targets affected when “nulti-target” hit occurs.
So, bonuses for Spectral Shield and Hungering reach just add to each other. The chances for “muti-hit” add to each other, and number of target affected by multi-hit adds up. It’s a normal behavior, if you’re familiar with GD mechanics.