Adventum: A World Expanded

This is just a teaser I will post a more in-depth overview later this week.

Adventum Is aimed to expand the world as it is. This will include several side quests to get permanent character boosts and make some new lore for Grim Dawn. An endless dungeon, yes thats right endless. Test your build against the badest guys including new enemies. A new major boss battle that is more of a raid boss. There will be 2 new maps for now, new town included. New item stats effects such as auto potion at x% life, better keep them stocked up. New passive effects to help with survival. a few legendary items that grow with how many monsters you kill. kind of like leveling up with you.

Well I’d like to know how you made an endless dungeon. In fact I’d like to see how everything you said is going to work, so sign me in… For now.

And good luck making this mod.

What you are planning to do sounds very interesting (especially new boss and endless dungeon) but I think a whole lot of work required for your project. Do you have experience in animation / graphics?

I am curious how endless dungeon can be made without reusing existing levels. Endless dungeon of 3 levels, over and over and over… Not sure how the map linking would work on that, would like to know how that can be done, if it can be done.

We also need to figure out how to get the graphic msh files to import. Animation is HUGE too.

Smuggler’s Basin / Gutworm has 3 possible areas where the entrance can pop up. If someone were to create multiple tiles/dungeon levels in which case their own entrances were randomized when it comes to showing up on that level or not - it could create a semblance of randomization.

More so if there are randomized cosmetic terrain stuff like how Burrwitch Outskirts can have random enemy camps.

It’s unlikely a fully randomized level generator system could work, but making a ton of different dungeon levels could be a possibility. Would definitely make the game larger I would imagine.

First let me say that this has not been an easy ride… though the best things never are.

I have seen many questions about the endless dungeon,so that’s where I will start. I personally like the look and feel of the original Diablo game and I felt that it would fit in well in this game. I have been working on building out “tiles” which are sections of maps that the game has access to with to generate a random dungeon level. This is broken up in to 4 categories: Underworld Fortress, Crypt, Caves, and Treasure Challenge.

Upon entering the initial dungeon there is a 33% chance for the fortress, crypt, or caves. A 1% chance for the treasure challenge.

Underworld Fortress: Is pretty much like it sounds it is going to be the second hardest of the 4. With all sorts of little goodies and to find and hopefully not step in. Monsters will spawn based of highest player level and can range from 3-10 levels over the player. there will be some areas that have special effects that can be positive or negative. right now the only positive area is a sacred water fountain and the negative is blood pools from sacrifices.

Crypt: This is an area more in line with player levels but the overall quality of loot will be a little bit lower… it is a crypt after all. I will be honest this one I wanted to have skeletons and what not break out of the walls in some places but…yeah… kind of makes the game want to cry. (probably because it caused a memory leak and I have not fixed it yet.:furious:)

Caves: this will be in sticking with Grim Dawns current style of caves, with some instances of mining from time to time. This section is almost complete :smiley: Nothing too fancy but there are increased numbers of monsters here and hire chances of heroes.

Treasure Challenge: Who has played Dark Souls? I will tell you what I have. This is where one of the scripted boss fights is going to go. There are a few mechanics to be aware of for this. The first is that some attacks trigger with amounts of life lost, both % and flat. There is also a trigger based on number of attacks made and the normal cool down of abilities. Part of the abilities work right now and the big ability because well… I am an ass does have a wind up and a target so you CAN avoid it. If your brave though you can play catch and hope for them best. This will be the Hardest place because the loot and goodies are all behind this guy who has the sole purpose of being made is to kick every one’s butt including my own. If it is so hard what is the reward? well guaranteed 1 Artifact with a high chance of 2 more. and plenty of minor things including crafting supplies and Iron. this may be the fastest way to craft anything you want or need.

With that out of the way. With the new areas we want some new loot and goodies. I plan to add a class specific artifact for every class. I am taking Ideas from other mods as well and will give complete credit to the authors if they allow me to include the mod with this such as no level limit just stats. Planned are some new affixes for the new levels. My favorite is Legendary; It gives the item increased bonuses based on the Item requirements. This can apply to artifacts and the highest bonus that can currently be given is +15% to all the stats of an item. This is calculated last in the list of variables when an item is dropped.

Classes: You know what I have for you? NOTHING!! There are some nice new classes out there right now so I have not committed to anything with this.

Devotion: Another something I have not played around with very much at this point.

Quests: Now what game would be complete without quests? This one right? yeah I thought so too. So I created a new quest giver that will be found at Devils Crossing. Nothing fancy right now just some go kill things quests but there is a quest line planned that I hope to keep true to the lore of Grim Dawn. Also one that is just kind of fun filled with easter eggs and silly things.

Base: Everyone needs a place to call their home. Some nice diminsional stashes to keep all the fancy things found laying around… or pulled of a corpse. After the initial phase of coding, debugging, coding, debugging, drinking, debugging in marathon sessions this has been postponed until further notice.

Maps: Have discussed making a new map or possibly just shaking up the old one a bit but have not made and definitive decisions on this as of yet.

I know that I have not been very active lately however, I do intend to be more a part of the community. I work for as a system administrator and have had a very full plate since I have just been moved to a new location, new people, and blah blah blah. I will continue working with my friends on developing this and I hope to have screen shots of some of the fancy new things shortly. (new place on laptop, desktop still packed away)

Looking forward to the screen shots :wink:

Yea enemies popping out of walls… not sure if there is a spawn proxy / animation that has that.

Could perhaps have destructible walls that break when something like a Skeletal Gargantuan spawns from the ground if when he spawns he deals some AoE damage to break free.

cant you just rotate teh spawn on teh X or Z plane?

i look forward to this too

I did explore that however one of the issues is that with the random map generation has not always been accurate on the spawns and have had some spawn off the map in the walls. Since the only way to make the level generation consistent was to set a constrained area that can be generated in. (although the infinite cave incident was kind of cool) it could take longer than 2 minutes to generate. as i am trying to keep the load times down below 2 mins. I have played around with creating a specific tile with preset spawns there was an issue where it would spawn with creatures as well and block passages.

Hope to enjoy in this forum

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