[Advice] [] Rimetongue Infiltrator theorycraft

Lacking the actual gear I theorycrafted a setup using Grimtools for an Infiltrator build including the new Rimetongue gear.

I would like to get some advice and feedback before actually starting to grind for the gear.

GT Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9Xg5W2

So what do you guys think, would this be a viable build?

I feel the build has the following issues:

  1. Not enough life steal. Aim for 10%. This can be fairly easily addressed by using haunted steel instead of coldstone on your offhand weapon.
  2. Your relic choice doesn’t make much sense to me. I don’t see how reducing cooldowns is going to help your build much overall. Your main damage type is frostburn, so casting 1 extra ABB every 4.5 seconds isn’t going to increase damage considerably. Nidalla’s Outbreak seems like a much better option. (Ignaffar’s Combustion may also be worth considering)
  3. 86 cold RR isn’t enough. Aura of Conviction really isn’t worth the investment compared to the value you can get from using Aura of Censure. With Aura of Censure, total cold resist reduction is 120. You can also swap lizard for viper to get a source of % reduced resistances, to bring it up to 140.
  4. You overinvested in some skills. Merciless Repertoire only add % frostburn, isn’t worth overmaxing. Word of Pain isn’t worth many skill points at all. Artifact handling will massively boost the size of Rune of Haggarad Frostburn ticks. Steel Resolve will make dealing with aetherial crucible waves (namely wave 169) much easier.

Everything was pretty good overall, here are my tweaks:

I would totally do a Saboteur with this set

This is what I got by theorycrafting around grimtools:


I tried something similar with sabo: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvkMAjZ

Did a ton of damage, biggest hit was about 260k, 1 blade trap pretty much full healed me were some pros. Biggest con was bad mana sustain issues, and too squishy also. I might mess with it some more, but I need to figure out a way around the mana issues.

Purifier or saboteur:)

Of the new three sets this looks like the more fun to me. When and if i will drop it i’m gonna respect set skills and try a trap/nado saboteur. It is amazing cause i don’t use traps on any of my builds.

Ive got some of the set, steam name is pianodervish. Also got full Bk set, and some radaggans…yes ive been playing too much recently.

I have 1.5/3 sets already :smiley:

I still haven’t faced Kra’vall on Ultimate (faced him on veteran once) cause the new sets intrigue me more. Plus getting a specific rolled MI could take ages :eek:. Gotta get them sets first

Oddly enough Radaggon doesn’t drop for me at all. Neither at Bella nor in Crucible nor in Challenge dungeons. Are the drops bugged?

Oddly enough Radaggon doesn’t drop for me at all. Neither at Bella nor in Crucible nor in Challenge dungeons. Are the drops bugged?

I cant find head blueprints =( Probably they are last 3 blueprints I miss, so its gona take a while to find them =(

I got the BPs from friend but none of us had a single Radaggon piece drop, I myself had RT pieces drop 5 times over. Collective bad luck I guess :smiley:

I found the gem https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/911295124777313255/4A9A26F575B7BEA384E68A3DE438461012D0EE06/ , full Blood knight exept blueprint . No luck with BP so far =(

I got ragaddon chest in sot

Same. Have chest and head (BP). Actually, now that i think about it, have all the head BPs lol…
Radaggans does feel much rarer.

The games trolling. I have a feeling that I would find 3-4 pairs of perfectly rolled Magelords before I get these goddamn recipes >_> https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/911295273327664082/9E966A041835ACE5532A2F3E4823B2B2F0941488/

How do 30% fire to cold and 100% fire to piercing to grenado interact with each other?

I also tried this setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrr0dkZ for a purifier. It was alright at best, the set just isn’t doing it for me right now, I think I’m going to stop messing with it and go back to leveling my dk for the blood set for now.

This is my saboteur build, focusing on cold and frostburn damages:


-121% cold res is enough I think, but survivability is indeed an issue as phy res is low. Will try with crucible to see how. Anyway, -35% DA on enemy is huge, only nemesis bosses are not affected. If I remember correctly, non-nemesis have max 98% trap res, so a -33% on trap duration is enough to throw all your offensive skills in that short time frame (about 1.1s).

Out of all classes saboteur has least amount of builds ,
I’d like to see someone do good rimetongue set with this class.
As this class needs be brought out dark ,Given lil more light.
I rarley eva see saboteur builds on forums.

Saboteur used to be one of the more common classes largely due to Jajaja’s famous dual wielding “tri element” saboteur that was one of the strongest low gear builds in the game for a while.

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