Advice designing a Chaos EoR Paladin


I hope this is the place to post this, I saw similar threads but perhaps this is less a build post and more an asking for advice post.

Firstly, the reason I want to theorycraft is that if no good build seems possible with the below restrictions, I don’t want to level up a new character to 100, and I prefer not to just “cheat one in”. Hence I have not tested any of this. Also, sorry for typing so much.

Anyway, I want to build something around Mythical Wrath of Tenebris, using EoR as main damage skill. I would also like it to be Oathkeeper/Inquisitor (so Paladin). Other builds using this weapon and EoR use Shieldbreaker or Sentinel, so I can only use them as a rough basis for what I came up with so far. For reference, those other builds are 1, 2 and 3.

Grimtools, feel free to laugh

My thoughts on gear so far:

  • Weapon: Obviously not negotiable, it is why I want to build this character in the first place. The component seems to be the most suitable, but maybe not. I saw other builds using Seal of Might (for resistances I guess) or Seal of Blades (no idea). My resistances are at 80% but barely overcapped, so maybe this needs to change.

  • Chest Piece: Mostly there because I actually have this combination of affixes. The +3 to EoR and overall stats seem decent, but this is something that can definitely go if there is a more sensible option. Stun resist should be fine without it, but I am unsure what else to pick so it’s there for now. The component is also mostly a “I want more OA” thing. It can go.

  • Pants: Well, the other three builds I found all use it, so it’s probably fine? Nice set of defensive stats and boosting the Chaos damage, so there is that. This could totally be changed, but I suspect it’s BiS. The component is probably not the best, I just kinda slapped something on.

  • Relic: -10% Chaos resist that triggers by itself, boost to Chaos damage, +1 to one of my classes, it seems fine. Maybe it is a bit too offensive?

  • Belt: Not sure here, some stats seem really good, others are obviously useless to me. The alternative is Rah’Zin’s Waistguard, which would also open up that set to get at least the three piece bonus (using chest and shoulder as well). This is one I go back and forth on.

  • Medal: Again, seems to be a common choice for this type of build. It gives some life leech, attack speed and boosts my damage, plus adding a flat resistance reduction proc. The component is just there because I seem to have fairly high OA and thus the crit damage might be nice? Plus I needed the Aether resist. Do the runes really matter? I like this one purely because I think the effect looks neat, no other reason.

  • Boots: Yeah, just something. I see a lot of builds using Stoneplate Greaves, which I would prefer to avoid because crafting for specific affixes is not my idea of fun, but if that would be a significant improvement I would be willing to bite that particular bullet. Augment is there for Pierce resist.

  • Gloves: Well, it boosts Chaos and my stats overall pretty nicely. On the other hand, the skill modifications are useless. Other options I have seen are Mythical Harbinger’s Grasp or Mythical Voidrend Talons, but neither of them are particularly overwhelming. The component seems like a solid choice that I see in many builds, it’s probably the best one here.

  • Shoulder: Ok stats, plus I get the two piece bonus. Rah’Zin’s Shoulderguards would be an alternative (going for the three piece bonus on that set). Nothing else really struck me as a good option. Maybe Valderan’s Shoulderguard could work, but I don’t have a solid pair. Farming one is an option though, if that would be a noticable boost. The component is used for the OA bonus.

  • Ring: I have decent OA (I think) and so a proc on crit seems reasonable, stacking some more resistance reduction. (I am correct that -XX% ones stack, right?) The damage conversion is useless of course, so the rest of the stats on this are not terribly impressive. I am really unsure about the component, I see the other builds using Bloodied Crystals, maybe the armour is more useful than more DA? I can afford losing some stun resist.

  • Other Ring: Probably a solid choice. Boosts EoR, boost Chaos damage, some OA, decent resists, what’s not to love. Component as in the other ring. The third ring option is Mythical Combustion Band for another resistance reduction source.

  • Amulet: I obviously don’t need the conversion, but outside of that is seems like a clear choice. The flat damage increase should be amplified nicely by all the % Chaos damage from other gear. The component also seems solid, maybe an Arcane Spark could work, but I think this one should be just fine.

  • Helmet: Mostly used for the Word of Pain modification, adding another source of Chaos resistance reduction. Component is used to get resistances up.

Now with the skills some things are obvious, 26/16 EoR and the Soulfire thing to reduce incoming damage. Presence of Virtue for some stat boosts, mostly OA and some HP. Ascension for a nice turbo button.
Word of Pain for a strong source of resistance reduction, Word of Renewal for a decent heal + some stats. Deadly Aim also is really nice and gives a fairly reliable boost.

The other skills seem less obvious. Inquisitor Seal is usually very strong, I just might be moving too much to make much use of it, but those buffs sure look juicy. Aura of Conviction is also kinda meh, but 173 OA and 17% physical resist are solid, especially since I think my defenses might be a tad low.

The devotions are shamelessly stolen from somewhere, whenever I try to build those myself I end up with something utterly useless. I would really like to avoid Dying God because I hate the degeneration, but it is just too strong to ignore. I will happily accept advice on them, though Solael’s Witchblade must stay because -35% Chaos resist is just crazy. But as they are, these probably work fine because someone else came up with them.

So in conclusion, this build is untested (hey, if you have a Paladin, let me know :smile:). I would love some input on the gear and skills in particular, perhaps to a more seasoned player some obvious choices jump out. I think my armour is a bit too low and the resistances are just barely hitting 80%. As for the goals, I would like to get the build to a point where it can safely do the usual SR75-76 farm within the time limit and maybe tackle some of the celestials. I’m not looking to push deep SR or Crucible times. Since it’s a channeling build, adding more active skills also doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  • you can have some resistance on the conduit (you have none currently)

  • I’d use some better helm component, Titan Plating, the one with Attack Speed or Racial damage

  • I think Upon Rylok Wings is bad at proccing Guardian Gaze

    • either not use the devotion at all
    • or bind it to something else
      • 1/1/1 Vire’s Might
      • maybe 1p Guardian’s
      • Solael’s Flame if you bind Abomination to something else

Thanks for those points!

Here is an updated link: Some minor changes.

I have changed the weapon component to gain another resistance reduction that can also be used to trigger a devotion. As per your suggestion, I added one point in Summon Guardian to get a trigger for Guardian’s Gaze (fitting, I know!) and added a resistance suffix to the amulet. It’s Aether for now, but I’ll probably end up taking what I can get and switch augments around as needed. The helmet now has Titan Plating.

To reiterate my main concern, does this look reasonable on paper? Does it seem reasonable to tackle SR75-76 with this?

I’d suggest a look at the 3-piece Infernal Knight’s set (belt, shoulder, helm) and Sandreaver bracers for +2 EoR. You’d gain some attack speed and some physical resist.

You could also try the second ring as a Mythical Eternal Band for RR, soulfire+2, disruption protection and then swap the medal for a M. Sigil of the Bear king to get the +2 EoR and a proc that is partially converted. The loss of % chaos is probably not that significant, as after 2500% the effect is relatively diminishing. Also, I think the ring RR proc has no cd, unlike the medal.

You could keep that chest or Severed Faith would work well.

Since EoR uses attack speed, you want that topped for best damage. Your AS is a bit misleading as a good part of that comes from a circuit breaker devotion with a big cooldown, a devotion with some cooldown, and an item proc with cd. Nominally it sits at ~170.

*However, the extra 10% RR from your helm of choice may turn out about the same if you consistently apply it throughout via WoP. Something to compare,if you were motivated.

Theoretically the other conduit with %RR to celestial is better against high chaos-resist mobs (as you profit from a chunk of %WD added)… but for the RR to apply [iirc], you’d need to extend Guardian to Celestial Presence for the RR application to work and you’d have to lose some skill points from somewhere for that…so ymmv.

Personally, I’d be tempted to pull out from Inq Seal, since EoR is a movement style and casting seal interrupts. Drop to 1 point in Resilience. And put more in Word of Agony for larger AoE, and maybe even try to profit off of the weapons conversion to WoR and test out 12/12 HoG for the occasional huge AoE DR and a guaranteed proccer for something (or simply keep it at 1 point for the proccer). Sometimes it is nice to have a proc that is guaranteed to trigger exactly when you wish, rather than eventually or depending on mob density. (Also, keep in mind that you can swap around, so that you can have it on some other mindless proccer and swap it around before an important boss fight, etc).

I’d also look at putting Mark of Traveler on boots for more slow resist…to avoid losses in AS from debufs. You might even want to juggle a bit more to see if you can fit in some more slow resist…perhaps a Blazing Ruby?

And perhaps a point in Vire’s might as an extra movement or escape skill, in addition to the rune. Always nice to have more options to get into/out of trouble.

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Updated Grimtools

I have changed those around and it looks better (on paper). With all suggested changes, my OA dropped but DA increased, which is fine since I could redistribute my stat points from Physique to Cunning. Total HP also went up a bit, so that’s a bonus.

Chaos% is now at 2200%, but that is probably still fine since it doesn’t include procs (which push me to over 3000%). This kinda shows my problem when designing builds, I don’t know the items well enough so I just end up filtering by the damage type I want, meaning neither the ring nor amulet you suggested even made it my shortlist :smiley:

I’m keeping it for now, I actually like the idea of having passive procs. Not reliable, but it can lead to some fun burst-ey moments.

Non-proc as is now at 186%, while procs still take it to 200%. That’s probably fine?

I am plenty motivated I’d say. The only reason I am not testing the build myself right now is that I don’t want to cheat in the character, so I’d need to level up a new one. And I’m currently still grinding up an Archon, the Paladin comes after. Or maybe I’ll cave and just cheat.

The point of posting the WiP here was to establish whether the build is a lost cause to begin with and could never handle “endgame” content. Obviously, playtesting will show issues or potential improvements.

Yeah, that would cost 11 points, not impossible but a fairly steep investment. Maybe if it turns out the RR is insufficient regularly, I could consider that.

I was not sure about Seal either. It is strong and I figured it would help with rougher bosses, but on the other hand it serves little purpose for trash mobs. I specced out of it for now, though potentially I’ll grab it again if I need the damage reduction for SR75/76 bosses or maybe some more stationary celestials.

I assume HoG is Horn of Gandarr? Without the Seal points, I could 12/12 that quite easily and with the range it has, even a 20% chance on attack probably triggers very reliably, I assume that was your suggestion?

Squeezed those in, resists are still capped (though still not massively overcapped - some celestials might require potions) and slow resist is 78%, which could be 80% with some lucky rolls, I believe Grimtools uses average values.

Honestly, I have Vire’s Might on another character, and I keep forgetting to use it. That’s not really a point against it, but it’s why I didn’t pick it. But it’s only three points and can be fairly easily switched in if it turns out the mobility is necessary.

Thanks for your feedback, from what you posted it seems like there is a viable build in here somewhere, which certainly helps motivate me to actually grind up a new character. I should have the rest of the gear already, though I anticipate crafting that darn amulet will take a while :smiley:

Looks like you have lots to play with and test for fun. And it’s viable.

Just a couple of reminders:

  • for Guardians to apply RR, you need Celestial presence. It’s been a while, but I’m quite sure that GD needs that aura to apply the amulet RR, as the guardian themselves can not apply it on hit due to game limitations. (The devotion procs are a completely different mechanic, and they do work with guardians).

-sometimes supportive skills don’t need to be maxed out. Some of this is personal choice and some of it is useful breakpoints. For example: WoR has diminishing returns after 12/12, if you check the numbers. You may find the 4 extra points more useful elsewhere for the small returns…unless it is critical. And so on.

Also, I forgot to mention that the Infernal Knight set includes a chest, such that if you find you do like/benefit greatly from the extra RR on that other helm, you can still see a 3-piece bonus by adding the IK chest. I suspect it isn’t going to be that critical but you’ve got lots of possible gear choices, which is nice for self-found.