Advice for 2h Cadence Death Knight


Found the Leviathan and wanted to build around it since I just really like melee builds anyway. This is what I got so far. Haven’t tested the build out now that I have it up and running. I wanted to use that amulet I made and it seems to fit well here. The flat debuff on it and with the cooldown reduction from the helm it’s always going.

I think the armor itself isn’t much to tweak I think… but there are lots of options with the jewelry and wasn’t sure at all on all of that. I have a nicely rolled Open Hand and Closed Fist ring set, which I thought might work. The Garg ring I found that I am using I thought was really nice though. My OA seems almost overkill since my DA is kind of low? I was thinking maybe it’s better to just dump all my points into Physique? I would still have 3k+ OA I’m sure…

And my biggest if is my Devotion setup… really not sure on all the different options I could go here, but Blind Fury feels really nice since it constantly goes off and seems to hit pretty hard, and mine is only 6/15 since I just picked it up. It does take a lot of investment to get to it though so thought maybe the points would be better off elsewhere?

Heading to work I’ll check back in a bit. The advice is always appreciated!

I had this old discord build bookmarked, maybe you can check it out and see if you can get anything from it

Hey for sure, thanks.

I don’t even recall the Sacrifice relic… will have to look when I get home. Seems like a nice boost for damage, but would have to give up Serenity. Hmm…

I was also messing with the Zolhans chest, but decided I liked the Warborn set, especially with the helm making it so I can have Warcry going all the time. Warcry just seems so strong, especially combo’d with the flat RR bonus from the amulet.

Anyway, thanks! Just looking for more ideas so it’s helpful. I love how hard the build can hit… just trying to round it out more.

I have never tried the Maul devotiom though. I don’t know how strong minus armor is in comparison to resists? It SEEMS like it would pretty strong though so I may do some testing with it.

I came across @RektbyProtoss Leviathian build guides on youtube which is pretty long and watching that now, so I guess my idea is nothing new haha. I suppose most builds have probably been done by now. Nice video to watch at work :smile:

It’s not a science journal so you don’t have to land on moon first, have fun and keep sharing your fun with us :slight_smile: Here’s my version, not the most offensive or most tanky one but pretty balanced.

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If you want a more tanky build -

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