[Advice] Improvement for my PRM Sorcerer

So I need help what should I do next for my character, especially for equipment in the future. His HP kinda low, but as long I keep distance and freeze / Mirror at the right time, I can survive in ultimate.


So this is my overall status. Not too bad eh?

This is the current build with added bonus from equipments. Pardon the extra point in demolitionist :p.


You can see my detailed equipment here http://imgur.com/a/xnjMv
Weapon - a nice rare wand, I’m targeting for Panetti Replicating Wand
Head - a nice infrequents
Chest - a nice infrequents
Focus - Aldanar’s Vanity I like the cooldown reduction
Shoulder - a nice infrequents
Gloves - Aethereach
Pants - a nice rare
Boots - Magelord’s Greaves More OA to me, and an emergency run :p.
Belt - Equilibrium Sash
Amulet - The Slith Sewer boss infrequent
Ring 1 - Invoker’s Shocking Touch
Ring 2 - Jewel of The Royal Crown Can’t find another source of Pierce resist and Bleeding resist at one equipment, I’m sorry…:stuck_out_tongue:
Medal - a nice Kymon’s Badge
Artifact - Haunt I don’t know other source of decrease Aether Resist…

Any opinion is welcome :D.

I’d recommend looking for that 2 piece Epic PRM set. The total set bonus is +7 PRM +3 Distortion and Supercharged, +1 everything else arcanist. Makes it a really good investment, and even combos well with the PRM wand and Invoker’s jewelery set + Offhand. Leaves your chest, Legs, Boots, Gloves, Belt, Relic, and Medal slots open, and grants a ton of stats to you.

You might also want to consider the Warpfire legendary instead of Panetti’s Replicating Wand. It has -Fire/Aether resistance, converts your cold into Fire (Helping you max out your damage, considering how much Sorc stuff is fire/lightning focused), and has +1 Arcanist and +1 Demo.