Advice on Anesteria

Hi, i know im just the worst player in the world,
that said:

someone could give me some advice against the “nemesis” verison of Anesteria (wrath of the aether or something)?

I just can’t stand against her with my blademaster. I have 83% res against aether and 83% on elemental resistences, -14% damage from aetherials and aether corruptions, 12k hp… and still i cant “facetank” her for more than 3-4 seconds. Her circle spell it’s just unbearable, the devastation-like spell hits me for more than 50% of my HP and i have to kite all the time :confused:

what am i missing?

Anasteria can reduce resistances. Try to overcap with gear or potions during the fight. You should be wary and flee if you see a broken shield icon above your character (it means your res are reduced).

Two things:

First off against her you only have 41%-42% resistance, she breaks resistance like crazy. Not much you can do except watch for when your resistance breaks (red broken shield) and get out quick!

2nd she is a human not an aetherial so the -% from aetherial/aether corruption won’t do anything against her (helps getting to her though)

Doesn’t seem to work against Anasteria, near as I can tell she uses -max resistance instead of -resistance.

Oh thanks, didn’t know that. I will pay more attention.

Probably it will be less a PITA to farm when i reach nemesis against outcast with my poison WH, because of the huge poison dots… let’s hope so :smiley:

Apparently it does help, but the character sheet is not displaying it correctly: