Advice on my krieg death knight

I made this char long time ago as an s&b aether DK and alway thought about to change it. Finnaly i tried and came up with a dw mindwarp setup.

So i want to ask if someone here could give me an advice on how to improve this build, if it’s even possible. Maybe you got Suggestions about my skill and devotionpoints. I’m always in doubt about these.
Got some energy problems in the beginning so I chose arcane spark instead of tainted heart on medal and it feels way better now in fights.
I got one question I’m interested in. I’m pretty unsure about the conduit. When I saw the prefix for phis>aether in cadence, I thought it would be perfect. Is it really as good as I think, or doesn’t it have such a big impact for the skill?

Big thanks in advance!

its very common this build. Do you really need time dilation and siphon souls i wonder. Pump some points into markovian advantage and finish revenant even though its not much of a gain it is something. i like this build personally from mad_lee [] Crimson Soviet: 2H Blood Knight, 4buffs/no banners Cruc. 150-170 in 10 min. (Death Knight)

thanks, mate, but I haven’t updated it since AoM so I don’t even know if it works nowadays. Probably works if you change Cadence to Blade arc tho, lol.

oh right its old, well i should still work with those items and bone harvest maybe even a different 2h but cadence i don’t know idd.

veretragna’s “Warpblade” ist still pretty good. It’s very similar to your setup. I’d recommend the updated setup by the original author himself. IMHO really well rounded, optimized build.

If you want more defense, you can keep your Serenity relic instead of Doom. DPS will still be good, but you get an additional circuit breaker. Contrary to the GT linked above, I also went for Conduit of warring wispers like you did. Altogether a very fun build.

Oh nice, thats really similar. I’ll take a look at this and change some stuff around. Thank you very much!

I’ll ask here, so i dont create a new topic. How feels old classic s&b krieg DK in SRs?

From my experience: Not that good. TBH, I’m a rather new player, so I don’t know too much about “classic” builds. But if by “classic” you mean Krieg Set and Will of the Living: IMHO the DW setup is stronger.

I experimented with various S+B variants based on Krieg set, but none of them really convinced me. You loose a lot of damage for a rather minor gain regarding survivability.
If I wanted to go S+B, I’d probably choose Markovian set as a base. I’m playing that on a Warlord and it feels really “tanky”.

I’m definitely not a good player, so people with higher piloting skills surely could go further… I managed to get to 70 with the “Warpblade” build I linked above. 65/66 farming is quite safe. With S+B, 65/66 already fealt like gambling…

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