Advise on build


I am a new player. I would appreciate your help to refine my build.

Could you please share with me your opinion on the following grimtools character:

Thank you so much.

Do you want to deal pierce damage? no. Change weapon.

Why dont you have Assassins mark devotion?

not sure how you can wear those rings and amulets with such low spirit but anyway… here are some changes in skills, weapon and devotions:

Yeah, as malawiglenn said, if you focus on physical damage (2000%+ multiplier) you want a weapon with as low as possible % armor piercing, ideally no piercing at all. Some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4

Thank you both for taking time.

Can you please teach me why you removed Zolhan’s technique?

Is it worth it to trade +1/+1 to all soldier/Inquisitor skills for more DPS?

I think no. 3 is a very good suggestion.

I have the dryad, but I think I will still need to invest some points in spirit, but I could also take some more Inquisitor levels. Any suggestions? Actually I only need 3 attribute points in spirit, so it’s not a biggy, but thanks for pointing it out.

Zolhan’s sucks, wierd animation that slows you down I think

Yes, you gain like 30% DPS by getting a weapon that has no armor piercing.

Thanks! I was struggling to fit Assassin’s mark, but it’s impossible to do so while keeping my OA at ~3k. Any suggestions?

The damage gain from Assassin will be more important.

Remember that you have DA shred on Markovian and that Deadly Aim will give you about 3.5k OA

Consider Boneshatter treads for OA and slow resist. Also, Mark of the traveler is usually better than Mark of Mogdrogen because of that slow res.
And if u’re going to use the Beronath sword, i’d also consider squeezing Arcane Empowerment somehow.

This is with Warborn mace and Boneshatter threads with mark of traveler

Pretty low attack speed though.

Not a big difference but still: kirlian soul in armor, dread skull in medal possibly?

Thank you very much for your thoughtful feedback.

I have done some more small tweaks, and now we have better OA, attack speed, and resistance reductions. Is there any way to increase petrify and sleep resistancesm etc more?

Please feel free to comment on the new version:

Many thanks

Updated with better resistances:

My only problem now is sleep resistance.

I have problem with that too, I wanna play all night long :wink:

Sleep res is a dummy stat.

You problem is aether and vitality res (two most important), taking trash-tier devotions (Boar, etc.), low block chance, low RR, etc.

Aether and Vitality are 80%. Do we need more?

Block chance is 51%, do we need to make this build even more defensive?

For RR we have Assassin’s Blade and War Cry with maxed Break Morale. Do you think it’s not enough?

Aether and vit res with no overcap is a hairy situation. In crucible you want 20-ish % overcap or Anasteria, Alex and Zantarin might burst you down no matter your shield or da. And in main game you don’t have Ulo’s blessing…

I’d take reinforced plating more more block chance instead of Myrmidon and max shield training. Maybe also think of respeccing completely for Beronath sword and go Empyrion and Menhir devotion route instead of Oleron. If not then at least get rid of that Boar and get the mace instead. Boar is truly awful.

Your Break Morale isn’t maxed, just softcapped. I’d go over the cap and max it. You’re not a witchblade/death knight after all. Also, Black Matriarch ring and Bladetwister ring would give you some more RR but it’s not 100% dependable and I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This is super helpful. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

I will take all this feedback and come up with an improved version. I can come up with empyrion, but it is nearly impossible to get our OA around 3K.

you have about 2.9k OA, which is good, you will lower DA with Markovian and trigger Deadly Aim that will sky rocket your OA


Could you please review my latest version? I hope it is better than before.

Thank you.

Do u really need Dryad? I don’t see anything particularly good in it, although i’ve never had it, so i might be wrong. Do you really need that retaliation node in Obelisk?
What i’d consider instead: first 3 nodes from Ishtak, Solemn Watcher, Viper, complete Toad and Dire Bear will become available (have never had it either, so don’t know is that Maul is good or not), Fiend (very good proc with .5s cd, and you’ll convert fire&chaos to phys)