Advise on DW elemental Beronath's Fury

Hey guys, been lurking around the forums for ages now but never posted…

Looking to create a dual wield build utilising beronath’s fury as a default attack, just wondering what people might have to say. Leaning towards saboteur as i already have one at LV40 and seems nightblade would be a good spot to get cold damage from, but i fear it’ll be far too squishy later in ultimate.

What class choice do you think would be best overall? I’m happy to start another.

Any tips would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers, Samus

Welcome to the forums (sort of) Samus!

Beronath’s fury is pretty flexible due to its %WD component which can amplify any damage type. Any build with less that 100% conversion to its preferred damage can benefit, as can any build that focuses on elemental damages. Saboteur doesn’t strike me as a good fit solely because you’d be missing out on fire strike, which is superb with DW skills. I would rather pick a witch hunter, who has no basic attack replacer except ABB (which only fires every few seconds) and has curse of frailty which shreds elemental resistance, or a spellbreaker who can take advantage of IEE to get more elemental damage and has many powerful support skills from arcanist such as maiven’s sphere and mirror of ereoctes.

Another option is to ignore nightblade and make a dual pistols character using the arcanum sigilis, in which case you’d want to be a sorceror probably.

Obviously YMMV, and I’m sure a saboteur would be quite capable of fulfilling your goals, so you should definitely pick the class combo you think has the best synergy with your desired build.

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Awesome tips I didn’t even think to look at occultist as I just haven’t used him all that much, didn’t realise the -%elemental resist was that big! Although it seems that’s about all I’d get from him…

The big plus I see from using this as a default attack is all the points I’d save from say firestrike line for example

I Just finished a playthrough as a ranged sorcerer so was leaning towards a melee build… Haven’t played one in a while…

I like the look of arcanist + something… Just don’t know what yet haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for all the input

I’m partial to battlemage, but the current meta doesn’t seem to like the battlemage much :frowning: Rather, Spellbreaker seems to be in vogue right now, which also fits your desired playstyle of melee dual wield much better.

Edit: Occultist also offers attack speed, free resists, and a triggered heal

Yeah I love me some battlemage, I used to have a calidors tempest build on my old pc but it decided to die and I lost everything… Started again from scratch about a month ago after buying a decent machine lol…

Yeah spellbreaker seems good to me, if it all fails I can do a cold build which I’ve been meaning to try since forever now… But from what I can tell cold is in need of some love, and it’ll be hard now having lost so much gear…

Side note: I can’t wait for the expansion for more cold stuff :slight_smile:


It’s a shame they nerfed beronath, reforged for this build though. Wish they would have just introduced the new mechanic on a new weapon instead. Grrr

If you want to be melee and dual-wield, then Nightblade is an obvious choice, with his strong WPS abilities.

As for Beronath’ Fury - you should use it only if your class lacks “default attack replacer”. So, it’s useful for any combination of Nightblade, Arcanist and Occultist.

You can try to make decent Cold-based or Aether-based DW build with Spellbreaker (Arcanist+Nightblade), Acid-based or Vitality-based with WitchHunter.

Yeah thanks for the info, I’ve gone spellbreaker and focusing on cold for the time being.
I tried to be a caster and use ice spike but man its not like using searing ember on a demo… It’s not as bad as that lightning nova but it’s not great that’s for sure.

At least I can start in crucible for those easy early devotions :stuck_out_tongue: