Aegis of Menhir can't break/interact with Crumbling Walls in Korvan Basin

(see how hotkey 2 is pressed in)

noticed this on a quick run in Tomb of Sethan and Tomb of The Eldritch Sun (so far)
regardless if it’s spam or cooldown Aegis, and no matter which hotkey it’s slotted on

funnily enough Aegis has 0 issues breaking doors or crumbling walls in base game, did a quick test in Lower Crossing and Undercity and broke everything fine

Maybe the walls protecting secret areas are different type so they won’t be destroyed unintentionally by shield jumps?

makes it kinda silly when aegis is your only skill, no, more so when not protected from other skill’s “accidental aoe”?
it’s not just secret areas like this to Crate quest, it’s generic crumbling walls in korvan basin, hence why i specifically mentioned Tomb of Sethan

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