"Aether Blitzer" [] Krieg's armor set build

Hello everyone! When grimtools updated before the expansion, I ve noticed a very interesting set called “Krieg’s Armament” and desided to try it out myself on my battlemage. I had a hard time finding it but finally was able to farm all of the pieces. The build is still WiP, but I managed to kill aetherial avanguard nemesis and the VERY last boss with it.

The build itself looks like this:

I still haven’t found mythical version of Band of Eternal Haunt (and Peerless Eye of Beronath, but I don’t see much difference between the standart and mythical version).
The build iself is heavily cooldown reduction based, we need to be able to spam Blitz, War Cry and Krieg’s Wrath as much as we can, so we take Aeon’s Hourglass in our devotion tree.

Head: Krieg’s Mask / Antivenom Salve / Venomguard Powder
Chest: Krieg’s Chestguard / Chains of Oleron / Coven Black Ash
Pants: Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps / Silk Swatch / Bladeward Powder
Shoulders: Krieg’s Shoulderguards / Scaled Hide / Venomguard Powder
Hands: Krieg’s Grip / Restless Remains / Kingsguard Powder
Boots: Krieg’s Boots / Mark of Mogdrogen / Kingsguard Powder
Belt: Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle / Antivenom Salve / Venomguard Powder
Medal: Mythical Mark of Dreadblade / Attuned Lodestone
Main hand: Mythical Mindwarp / Seal of Corruption / Outcast’s Wrath
Off hand: Stonefaced Warden’s Fortress of Mending / Imbued Silver / Outcast’s Wrath
Ring 1: Mythical Band of Eternal Haunt / Runebound Topaz / Survivor’s Preseverance
Ring 2: Mythical Albrecht’s Duality / Ectoplasm / Survivor’s Preseverance
Amulet: The Peerless Eye of Beronath / Wardstone / Song of the Elements
Relic: Agrivix’s Malice

Reserved for later updates



but nice build anyway

Just wanted to share my version with everybody)

Nice Build :wink:

I used it in a Death Knight

I received this from kidpid.
//I just made an account so I can’t post links yet.
edit; He runs Mythical Chausses of Barbaros, I think Wraithborne are better.

Calling BS on you finding all these pieces so soon. Come on man, just say you created the items, its OK.

I would love to see where you placed each of your points <3 :p:p

I have been thinking about something like this, especially combining it with Spellscourge set or just the Spellscourge Bulwark if the single piece allows Devastation cast, this might spawn an interesting build focused on Devastation + Blitz.


My initial build idea was this. Double Duality can be changed and don’t think Dying God along with flat chaos conversion is super necessary but whole tree is a strong damage/crit boost. OA looks phenomenal.

I didn’t think Hourglass was that necessary since we already have -0.4 CDR reduction along with 21% from the items and 2 seperate AD CDR reset proc. Global cooldowns or character animation would cause problems. The slight downtime is ideal to rotate skills and time the procs.


Slight loss in everything but all 3 big constellations i originally thought of including the Hourglass.

Give me your feedback.

Are some mobs more likely than others to drop Krieg stuff? i was under the impression it was specific mobs/purple bosses

Correct. They are like the Outcast Secret helm and only drop from (I think) 3 specific bosses. Grimtools lists who drops them.

EDIT: ok i see that for the pieces, the boss names very bottom of the page. i’ve never noticed that before i assume they only add that line for items you can’t find anywhere.

How does this play relative to other S&B classes? The Deathknight looked strong too.

Could this be a class that levels decent from start or do you need all the parts to play and respec into the class after (at higher levels)