Aether Briarthorn Beastcaller Vindicator

Wanted to share a pretty wacky build I’ve been testing out right now and got some good results with. Aether dmg is pretty strong and pets are pretty strong so what could go wrong right ?
Warden’s Judgement converts all phys to aether and myth Aethereach converts all ele to aether for pets. I got inspired to try this from seeing the Fire beastcaller conjurer build by Alkamoshater. Inquisitor because aether RR and Seal+WoR to buff pets.

GT links : offensive version (Shepherd+manticore for flat RR) -
defensive version (tree of life+Ulo) -

I had started testing with the defensive version since I was afraid for pet defenses due to not goin Occ but it turned out quite tanky but kinda slow. Then switched to the offensive setup and dmg felt a bit better. Pets can die in certain circumstances (high SR/ Mad queen) but overall pretty decent. Keep spamming seal all over the place your pets are in the hope they get the buff. Briarthorns have pretty good taunt so they keep aggro kinda nicely even though we generate a lot of aggro from seal, wop, vines. Tsunami gets mostly converted, has decent wpn dmg and impaired aim+fumble though i’m not sure if something like bull rush would be better (my ingame warden’s judgement has only 83% conversion so maybe better for me). Build does have quite a few greens tho (I wanted to use all the cool stuff I found !)

Some achievements -

Lokarr - to add vid

SR 80+ boss rooms vids (offensive ver) -

SR 80+ clear -

Crucible 170 clear (defensive ver) even tho I’m no speedrunner and this is pretty slow it clears easily tho MQ can kill pets


Looks like a similar idea to one of TPOM’s builds from sometime ago:

That said though, it’s interesting to see different approaches to the same idea from different players and yours looks like it’s had strong results as well. Great build :+1:.

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Thanks! and Dang that looks sweet, I could only find some skeleton builds when looking for aether pets. I’m also more inclined to test ditching Ishtak and most of blue area for Mogdrogen now seeing that. I still also wanna test a decent Zaria’s vs the chillmane amulet but have no way to proc acid spray :confused:

Also here’s a related meme