[Aether Caster] Aether Harvest - Aether based Winter King's Might 2h Spellbinder

This is a 2h Aether Caster concept using the skill Winter King’s Might. This might interest those who enjoy the idea of Aether Forcewave or like the skill Winter King’s Might/Obsidian Tremors
This is a shotgun build so do remember-
DPS = Sheet DPS x No. of Projectiles

Grimtools -

1. Spellbinder - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWqa5nN

*Screenshot with Soul Harvest and Hungering Void

2. Mage Hunter (Arcanor version) - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V04Ld9V

*Screenshot with Inquisitor Seal, Hungering Void and Word of Renewal


Which is better - Mage Hunter or Spellbinder?

The Spellbinder has much more QoL and damage when compared to Mage Hunter and therefore it wins hands down.

Is Temporal Arcblade usable on Mage Hunter?

Of course, in fact it should be BiS. I just wanted to try Arcane Devastation on an aether build.

Why not use Time Dilation?

Besides the reason that I am sick of I’d say I just want more RR. Our defenses are more than enough to handle most of the stuff. Arcblade users especially don’t need it

Have you tried Attak Seru?

The conversion might make one think Attak Seru would be good but I’d say combining our thirst for OA and the convenient placement of SoTH next to Dying God makes Attak Seru not worth it.

The Mage Hunter’s DPS is too low compared to the Spellbinder, is Mythical Arcanor worth it?

Well if it bothers you that much then switch to Temporal Arcblade. I personally like Mythical Arcanor’s skill so I stick with it. Temporal Arcblade would definitely boost both your offense and defense.

In Closing-

Credits to Superfluff for providing the Helm and to Dioarchet for the idea with Mythical Arcanor for the Mage Hunter.
Those who are interested in building around original damage type i.e Cold. I recommend to check out Thrash’s guide

I like both versions of this build they’re fun to pilot. Hope you guys enjoy it as well.



This is a really cool concept and idea, kudos to you again for the creativity.

Any Arcanist build can use Devastation via weapon switch.

You can also use Arcanor for Arcane Devastation. It’s not really optimal and perhaps better suited for a coldemental build, but it’s an option.

In fact you can actually use both of these plus the Meteor devotion proc for a really weird Triple Meteor + Triple Shotgun build. :rolleyes:

Thank you

I should’ve mentioned I want to avoid Meteors altogether :eek:

Arcane Devastation is basically a PRM styled TSS. It’s not at all like the devastation of the Arcanist mastery it’s more close to the Devastation proc of Wrathsteel Repeater/Wrathmourne.
Arcanor isn’t optimal as you loose a lot of valuable damage by going for that sword. Even for Mage Hunter Arcblade is the better choice. Not to mention that sweet CDR would be lost as well. Even if the granted skill can compensate for the damage loss it’d be a performance loss as you’d now be casting an extra skill
I did want to build around that skill tbh, it kinda looks cool :D. I plan to try again after I am done posting more guides

And weapon swap is major PITA imo, I am surprised people do that.

Cool build concept! Thanks for creativity and another interesting non-standard ather build without devastation usage. :smiley:

P.S: Damn, one more cool build concept (including my own) that requires these epic rings - I have to farm from dawn to dusk to get it. :rolleyes:

Remember that the conversion value isn’t fixed so you might have to farm quite a bit to get 29% or 30% conversion

I hope you stop posting builds already! Come on another spam forcewave like build and a conversion based ? . :furious:

silently creates new toon

Two aether builds in a day. As expected of chaos god.

I dont blame the dying god. What do you expect when chaos support is abysmal and to make it worse you got Aetherials devs running the game:rolleyes:

Indeed, because using eight other damage types is below this senile primordial. :rolleyes:

Look again, it has a duration…

I could sense the salt when you typed this word “Demi-God”

Oh yeah
It’s still inferior to Arcblade though but you have me a great idea. I’ll update something regarding Arcanor later on. Thanks Dio :smiley:

I’d happily post one of my Chaos Caster concepts but I am hoping we’d get more diversity to Chaos damage type. Quite frankly I am sick of using Occultist.

Guide updated
Added Mage Hunter’s Arcanor Concept (low damage imo so feel free to switch to Arcblade)



You think he gave into Aetherial Corruption?

Need to infiltrate their ranks to make contact with their leader Zantai to force him toadd more Chaos Support

+Mad swag points for ‘Aether Boner’

Dang my next build I was going to post is very similar in concept to this… I wanted to finish my leveling guide for the other before doing another post :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill add it in the comments here later