Aether Corruption

If you put Seal of Corruption on both hands and use the skill Aether Corruption from both of them, will the skill do damage as 2 seperate skills or will it only renew itself with the second casting? Are the two of them usable for proccing different devotions?

You always just cast the one that’s on your left hand. So it doesn’t work in any way.

Yeah, had a similar thread/problem with this. I was not able to proc 2 different devotions from 2 seals of corruption. I doubt this is intended…

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It’s probably not a bug, Corruption is a debuff and you can’t have the same debuff on a target twice, even if it’s from different items :thinking:

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The damage from the same debuff coming from two sources will stack. The only things that don’t stack is stuff like RR and damage reduction. So two Aether Corruptions should stack.


I tried it for devo proccing and it procs only one devo, the one binded to left hand. Damagewise I can’t say if it is double.

This statement doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

These statements are wrong, except for the first one.

Two sources will stack. 2x Aether Corruptions are the same source, and therefore will not stack.

But i said two Aether Corruptions coming from two different sources (left hand and right hand) should stack. How are two Aether Corruptions coming from the left and right hand the same source?

I tried it and it is true.

Same source = same name. For example, in multiplayer, CoF from one player doesn’t stack with the second player’s CoF because they are from the same source ( the debuff is the same). Similarly, two seals of corruption won’t stack because they are debuffs of the same name. I don’t think the game cares which “hand” the debuff is assigned to

So, two Bladetwister Signet proc’s damage shouldn’t stack then? Because that’s what i meant with stacking when it came to two Aether Corruption coming from different hands. I guess the former never stacked contrary to the common belief.

They don’t stack.

Correct, two bladetwister procs don’t stack. Some people just wear 2 to effectively increase the proc chance

When you try casting the right hand Corruption, you cast one that procs the Celestial Power bound to the left hand Corruption.
Naturally, you can’t have 2 of the same debuff on a mob; so, at least effectively, you’re only using the left hand Corruption.