Aether/Fire AAR Spellbreaker?

I am new to GD and been looking for a ranged aether/fire build for Spellbreaker using AAR, but anywhere I look I only find people using cold melee builds, isn’t AAR viable? Guess I will have to build it and find out later

Welcome to Grim Dawn!

Do you have the expansions? AAR is certainly viable but I’d advice choosing between Aether damage or Fire damage as there is gear available to convert it largely or purely to one or the other.

This will also change what second mastery you pick alongside Arcanist, for example Necromancer is a good pick for Aether whereas Demolitionist is better for Fire. This might be why you are having a hard time find something for Spellbreaker as the combo is not suited for Aether or Fire damage without some extremely specialised gear.

Yep, I have the expansions.
I’ve already pick Nightblade, is there a way to reset our classes pick?
If not I think I will have to work around that.
I am investing mostly in Aether damage but also trying to fit fire damage when possible.

I will finish leveling up my character then start farming for some specialised gear, I’ve been browsing grimtools database and found a dagger that converts AAR aether to fire and a scepter that converts AAR fire damage to aether, I am unsure which way to go or even if it’s worth as I don’t fully understand the game mecanics and this property-converting options.

Only with 3rd party editors like Grim Dawn Defiler or GDStash. There’s no way to do it in-game.

You could consider converting AAR to Cold with this. Nightblade makes an excellent mastery for Cold attackers (as you’ve seen) and casters.

I understand that you’re a new player so you won’t understand now but you’re gonna have a hard time fitting Aether/Fire damage to Spellbreaker if you want to tackle late Elite/Ultimate effectively.

Damage can only be converted once. Ideally you want to specialise in a single damage type and aim to deal as much of it as possible (in your case, by converting AAR to a single damage type) and stack as much resistance reduction as you can to make enemies weaker to your chosen damage type.

Nightblade has resistance reduction to Cold damage in Night’s Chill which is why I recommended it above. You can grab more in devotion through the Rumor and Elemental Storm powers on Murmur and Rhowan’s Crown respectively.