Aether FoI

Greetinga again fellow grim dawners,
Does anyone here have a concept how to makr or has made Aether FoI?
If anyone can help me make something decent to clear ultimate and possibly preform even better?

Thank you for your feedback!

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Aether FoI can be made with the help of Inquisitor’s conduit, you need it.

Other than that you don’t have specific items, which boost FoI besides few gear with + skills and I think off-hand? And MI medal for FoI life steal.

I have tried Aether FoI with Clairvoyant set as Apostate. RR from Necromancer and Omen/RE for damage reduction. And Clair set proc is rather nice. You can ofc go non-set with bits of green and purple pieces. Mage Hunter is also an option. Great damage and energy problem is solved but less RR.

global elemental damage converted to aether items Grim Dawn Item Database
conduit specific conversion Nery also mentioned Unique prefix - Item prefixes - Grim Dawn Item Database
if you own forgotten gods you can buy the Conduit recipe from Tomb of the Heretic dungeon merchant, then you just need to keep recrafting it until you get that specific prefix

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Yes apologies for not making it clearer but ive got the conduit i just dont know how a completed end game build would look, considering i cant use mageslayer set or SR set cuz of the conduit.
If someone could be bothered to theory crafr me an example that would be very cool of you.

conduit blocking the necklace on mageslayer isn’t why you “can’t” use mageslayer
mageslayer having 0 aether dmg bonuses and the set bonuses being DoT to Foi is why you shouldnt’ use it. Aether has no Dot, so mageslayer set bonus is entirely wasted, aside from spending a full 4 slots with 0 aether dmg to get that bonus
could just use the gloves on their own if need be

You need to play Public Testing FAQ (not in GrimTools yet) because

  • Conduit of Runic Whispers: added 110 Physical damage modifier for Storm Box of Elgoloth. Increased Aether damage modifier for Flames of Ignaffar to 154, its % Damage Modified modifier to 15% and added 100% of Lightning dealt as Aether modifier for it. Added +1 Projectile modifiers for Rune of Hagarrad and Rune of Kalastor.

  • Flames of Ignaffar: increased Target area cone by approximately 10% and increased Fire damage scaling with rank

Ele to Aether not needed then? Unless it’s worth it for some +Damage mods / Aetherfire / WoP etc, not sure, I haven’t theorycrafted the build. I’m protesting and refusing to theorycraft till we have Grim Tools.

idono, since we have no idea when 9.2 might land, i think it’s probably okay to just build for 9.1 still

Here’s my Tactician for one:

On the playtest, the final Conduit setup looks like this now:

The shoulders suffix

Suffix on the shoulders is ‘of Wolverine’. These Log shoulders are quite old, before some affixes were removed from the drop table like Spellweaving which is why it doesn’t show up on grimtools anymore.