Public Testing FAQ

If you are reading this, you are interested in joining us on playtesting upcoming Grim Dawn updates before they go live for everybody.

Please note: this is purely voluntary and does not come with any special perks or privileges. Your voice will not be heard any louder than anyone else participating in our community. You are just jumping at the opportunity sooner.

If you enjoy the nitty gritty details of future Grim Dawn balancing, then this is the place for you. If you are hoping for a sneak peek at some secret dev stuff, then we are sorry to disappoint!

Whatever brings you here, we appreciate your input and hope you enjoy the early look at upcoming changes!


How do I download the latest build?

In your Steam library:

  • Right click Grim Dawn.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Select the “Betas” tab.
  • Enter the access code “c1tybu1ld3r1337”.
  • Hit the “Check Code” button.
  • Select the playtesting branch in the dropdown box.

What about my saves?

Be aware, the public test patch does use your normal Grim Dawn saves. While there are no changes in the public test that will break anything, item changes could potentially cause your item rolls to change between the live build and the public test.

So, as with any test branch, we highly recommend that you BACKUP YOUR SAVES!!!

What about my mods?

Mods such as Rainbow Tooltips will work fine. Anything that relies on version control or .exe changes (ex. Grim Internals) will not work.

How should I report bugs?

Bug reporting is no different than in the public build, although we do not expect these builds to come with glaring issues for you to find. If you do find a bug while in the playtest branch, please report it in the Public-Test Bug Reporting forum.

What about non-bug-related feedback?

All feedback should go in the Public-Test Discussion forum. We’re happy to hear feedback on almost anything in the latest build. Chances are good that if you post something we will read it, but that goes for the forum in general!

Are the patch notes final?

The patch notes you see in public testing are subject to change and likely will before the patch goes live. Nothing is set in stone until it is live. And even then, we are always willing to make further changes in later updates!

Something in the patch notes is not in the playtest patch.

If you find a change listed in the changelog is missing, just report it as a bug. Most of the time, we got ahead of ourselves and updated the patch notes before the build was updated, but mistakes do happen so better safe than sorry!

My feedback was ignored, wtf devs!

As with the live game, while we do read and consider all feedback, we ultimately will make the decision we feel is best for the game and the playerbase. It is also possible we have not gotten around to your specific feedback and may make changes in the future.

Whatever the case, please do not take it personally! You still helped contribute to the future of Grim Dawn!

And finally, let us give everyone a reminder of common etiquette when posting feedback:

If you’re reading this, then you’re interested in doing your share to making Grim Dawn the best it can be!

We appreciate all feedback and thought it may be helpful to share some advice on how best to post it:

  • Always respect our Forum Guidelines.

  • Please provide your personal gameplay experience rather than focusing on theorycrafting (yes, that includes Grimtools). Actual gameplay experience trumps theorycrafting any day and it offers us your unique perspective on the game.

  • Individuals items/skills may seem underpowered (or overpowered) when looked at in a vacuum, but are actually fine when considered within the larger context of all the items/skills in the game, which is why we need to look at the big picture when we make changes. So don’t worry about solutions and focus on providing us your gameplay experience instead. Let us worry about the details! :smiley:

  • Be concise. We try to read everything, but most of the time we’re doing so a few seconds at a time, so a short post that goes straight to the point is going to be much easier for us to parse than a lengthy essay.

  • We will not respond to every thread. There is a lot of you and only a few of us. If we spend time responding to every bit of feedback, then we’re not spending time actually developing the game. Don’t worry though, we’ll read and consider it!

  • Don’t be an asshole. At the end of the day, we’re gamers like you, and we have better things to do than get berated by strangers on the internet. Best case scenario, your post will get ripped apart by our sass department for everyone to enjoy, worst case we’ll just ignore you.

  • If you are not comfortable leaving your feedback in a public setting. You can use the Group Message system to message the dev team directly (the button is at the top right). Note that while we will read all feedback, we cannot respond to every message.

  • And perhaps most importantly of all, please remember to follow our forum etiquette: