[] Lindsey Naegle | DW Melee Paladin | Cold EoR | Dungeons | SR 85

Hey man , great build . I was wondering what i miss since im lacking 1 skill point, i got the same exact gear and enchants , i did all 3 difficulties hidden path quests , same with kasparov’s quests and then the other you on ultimate. i also did all 3 shatered realm rewarding quests with a skill poind and the tomb of elditch sun quest…still missing that point!!! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV93j5vN , so i miss a point in presence of virtue.


The last point you found in the end of FG’s DLC then you kill Dravis, Son of Uroboruuk and speak with Uroboruuk

I killed him and finished the whole act still missing the point. :frowning:

You can check quests here https://www.grimtools.com/checklist/quests/ultimate and compare it

Hey onmi, thx for share ur builds, are awesome dude, the build still working on

Hi and thaks
Build works fine, 0 changes

thx dude for ur work :slight_smile:

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Wow this build looks amazing! Just out of curiosity, since it can clear such a high SR level, what is its crucible clear time like? :slight_smile:

Hi and tnx
Oh man I’m relay don’t remember now the full time
But it’s not super fast (less than 11 minutes for 75+76)

Thanks for another amazing build (added your two pet builds, paladin and warlord to favorites, hehe).
Would be great if you add devotion order and skill orders (per each 10LVL progress). Sorry, but i’m totally numb about skills distribution.

Hi) Thanks)

Devotions you 1st take Bat and after that go to Jackal — Viper — Sailor’s Guide — Eel — Solemn Watcher — Revenant

After that it doesn’t make much difference

Hello, I’m working on a Dervish Cold EoR with Veil of the shadow, I have a problem with Soulfire. It seems there no conversion to cold (balls are yellow) but it works with EoR. I’m using two chillheart and some Rimetongue stuff to have 100 % fire/light to cold I don’t understand.

Do you know why maybe ?

Here is the grimtool (still work in progress) : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26LOM7Z


Global convertion don’t change color of skills
As far as I know Chillheart (and other mods) can change on main skill color and can’t change nodes

At 2-nd tab you can see tooltip of EoR dmg

Hi thanks for the answer.

I see your Soulfire blue in your videos no ? What are blue balls around you?

It’s Rings or Devotion Blind Sage

Thanks for the anwser, well I’ll stay with my first idea Chillheart / Gravetouch.

I keep you in touch :slight_smile:

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Are there any alternatives for the rings?

Sure, see old GT-links

hello, thank for the build
i want to ask that im new and i dont have set of ring of anubar yet?
so what are o replacement options for those rings slot?
thank you

Not sure if OP still responds but I’ve searched for some good rings:

Also if you have the game on Steam, I recommend updating it to beta Public Testing FAQ because

"Celestial Presence: now reduces % Elemental Resist instead of % Fire Resist. The Transmuter’s functionality remains"

You’ll need to put more points into Celestial Presence then

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