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Shattered Realm


SR 75 & 76 NEW VIDEO


Celestial Lokarr

Roguelike Dungeons

Dungeons Mix

Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community



Build have some problems with Kubacabra and Rashalga on SR higher than 75

I recommend using more defensive Grimtools on SR higher than 80

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Hey, Omni! Surprisingly good performance from Cold Paladin. Good job!

Why no Korvak Medal and Greaves of Ill Omen for more Soulfire? Also, why no Chilling Grip of Hagarad gloves for Pierce to Cold to conversion?


  1. no Korvak Medal - because Kubacabra killing for a very long time
    and Direwolf have bonus damage to beasts

  2. no Greaves of Ill Omen - it’s hard to answer, maybe for a campaign this would be a great choice, but since I only play SR where the beat is very painful, my choice is Grey Magi

  3. no Chilling Grip of Hagarad - gloves for the closure of the resists and where is no Pierce in build

Beautiful build. I love this! =)

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Woo,really cool build:cool:!
I like the 100% lighting to cold conversion in storm box.

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Thanks a lot)

soon i show u this


:zap: Build Update :zap:

…boring, cyclical, where flukes elevate to the rank of a master. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi, thanks for this build, it looks fun and powerful.
Is there any chance you could make a levelling guide?

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I’ve forgotten how to leveling from the 1st without Lokarr’s Spoils and Potion of Clarity
But if you have this items and potions you choose OK and Aegis of Menhir skill. In Devotions you 1st take Bat and after that go to Jackal — Viper — Sailor’s Guide — Eel — Solemn Watcher — Revenant

Than you go to OK’s Summon Guardian of Empyrion slill, take it by 1 point and that take Celestials Preset for max and a little bit DIvine Mandate

After than you choose 2nd mastery Inquisitor and go to Aura of Cencure also skip DIvine Mandate. If it will be difficult to play before Aura of Censure choose Inquisitoi Seal

And than you get all of this you choose OK’s Presence of Virtue skilk to get enough mana regen, skip Aegis of Menhir and choose Eye of Reckoning

Under effect of Potion of Clarity you maybe at the middle of Epic difficult approximately ~90 LVL

A little bit more time and you get 94 LVL
Now you can “dress up” for the final build items :star_struck:

Thanks! That’s very helpful.

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Sorry, lastly, is there any need to go Kymon / Order of Death, or does it not matter which you choose?

It’s no matter because there are no augments from both this factions

But Order of Death is better. They have this potion Ice-Blood Oil

As for me I don’t use this potion :innocent:

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Nice build!

Noticed it little later. I played Dervish version, but Paladin is so tough and for SR looks like perfect fit.

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Build Update

Nice one. Although running a belgo sigil over a second anbar will net you more dps :grinning:. The last two points in EoR are too good to pass up, plus added attack speed

If you weren’t wearing the shattered real armor, what items from the normal campaign would you use?

Difficult question, it takes time to think things through but most likely no one

Hey man , great build . I was wondering what i miss since im lacking 1 skill point, i got the same exact gear and enchants , i did all 3 difficulties hidden path quests , same with kasparov’s quests and then the other you on ultimate. i also did all 3 shatered realm rewarding quests with a skill poind and the tomb of elditch sun quest…still missing that point!!! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV93j5vN , so i miss a point in presence of virtue.