Mythical Guardian of Death's Gates

Any chance this could get some added bonus to Squad Tactics or maybe something else that makes it worthwhile to build a pet Death Knight? The Lost Souls set kind of makes this item pointless, or at least very seldom used, with cabalist builds. The only other place it is interesting is a Death Knight, but it feels a little too wimpy as it is for that build, and I’ve tried plenty. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’d love to see (and would be appreciative!) if that weapon got a little love.

Thanks for the consideration!


It is getting some changes in the upcoming patch that is currently open for testing:

As with the nature of a test patch, things are not set in stone and still subject to change if Crate deems it necessary.


Looks promising. Let me know if you need another tester…! :slight_smile:

Got this Death Knight ready and waiting.

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You can join in whenever you’d like, it’s open to the public:

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I built a ritualist with Death Gate guardian and soul Corruptor. The main force is pets.I think it’s OK at the moment:)
The words of the death knight have not been considered for the time being. I feel that the phase is relatively poor:(


Great fun, utterly devastating to play, just kills everything :slight_smile:

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Corruptor set would need some love.


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