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I mean, these two skills have opposite effects. Clicking “Rest” is actually “suicide”, and vice versa. Isn’t that strange?

I’m not talking about the skill itself, but the actual effect of running it in the shortcut bar.

You might as well try it yourself. :sunglasses:

xD ah you mean the Innate Skill “Meditative Rest” does kill you? xD that is, indeed NOT intended, will check this, have not used it in a while :smiley: the intention is clearly as stated in the skills description that it shall “regenerate” yourself while beeing very vulnerable :smiley: strange, i have not changed anything, at least i thought, will check in a few minutes :smiley:

tested it, still working as intended, u must use it at full health to see the effect :smiley: also these both skills are more a “gimmik” in addition, would not take them too serious, nonetheless working perfectly fine on my end:

suicide aswell working as intended:

This is even more strange. Is it because my game is beta? :eyes:

maybe, there is already a beta available? :smiley: not installed, might be the cause, yes strange you are right :slight_smile: we will see what will happen then when it goes live :))

A completely healthy role. Ha ha ha ha image

For Public Testing FAQ


How do I download the latest build?

In your Steam library:

  • Right click Grim Dawn.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Select the “Betas” tab.
  • Enter the access code “c1tybu1ld3r1337”.
  • Hit the “Check Code” button.
  • Select the playtesting branch in the dropdown box.
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cool, thx for sharing :slight_smile:

Earlier then i thought, also need some feedback on this, before i overtune those cute rings :smiley:

→ 0.4i:

  • BIG CHANGE: Portable NPC completionbonus 01+02+03 → decreased most of the available bonus-statvalues → was simply TOO OP and ment it too good, easy example is the roll for up to 6-7 items with added “physical resistance” bonus-stat, which alone would make our characters way over the top too strong → ATTENTION HERE: you MUST reroll the old items with “too OP bonus-stats” as they will have vanished → the bonus stat-value ONLY has vanished, NOT the item and its affixes!
  • NEW: Ring of Royal Grandeur → 201 rings available for 201 available lootsets; the ring can be used as a placeholder for 1 gearitem of the according lootset; 3 tiers availabe for this ring → normal(lvl 5-64)/empowered(lvl 65-93)/mythical(lvl 94+) with according statvalues; there are some basegame lootsets which have no RoRG added: Royal Exuberance, Adorments of Valiance, Carnage, Alkamos Rings, The Arcane Storm, Elemental Balance, The Magelord, Judicator’s Signets, Invoker’s Elements; rings added to loot: SR rewardchests, X1 Bosses (miscloot), ONBs (miscloot), factionbounty heroes (miscloot), monstertotem- and devotionloot; added new functions to Crazy Mike for testing out the RoRG mechanic;
  • CHANGE: D3 Class Witchdoctor → “Fetish Army”: max amount reduced to 15, cooldown +1 sec, skillManaCost decreased by 25%;
  • CHANGE: D3 Class Wizard → “Spectral Blade”: can now be used with all weapons;
  • CHANGE + FIX: Occultist - Summon Familiar Shattered Headmodifier → petlimit 5 → 3, cooldown reduction decreased, further small config adjustments; added itemskill “Army of the Familiar” → completly adjusted with new template;
  • CHANGE + FIX: Occultist - Blood of Dreeg Shattered Headmodifier → cooldown decreased and added chance; small config adjustments;
  • CHANGE: D3 Unique Amulets: added +8% defensiveMaxResist to all amulets to make them viable for endgame, removed singleMaxResist statvalue;
  • CHANGE: D3 Unique Amulet “Rakoffs Glass of Life” → itemskill adjusted to spawn way less Health Globes with increased bonusstats, furthermore the Health Globe will now drop at the feet of the player which makes even more sense;
  • CHANGE: D3 Unique Hellfire Amulets: added +2 to the according already modified skill as skillAugment to be even more on par with basegame Conduits;
  • created Combomod Minipet IV: a miniature of the Ravager of Souls as your personal pet → grants Aura of the Ravager → the Ravager of Souls surrounds you with an aura that increases vitality resistances.
  • CHANGE: Shattered Realm → timer decreased on all difficulties, killCounterBonuseTime slightly increased;
  • CHANGE: dismantling of epic gearitems → slightly increased chance to get Combo Orbs;
  • CHANGE + FIX: Inventor → aquired random lootset can now also be a D3 lootset;
  • CHANGE + FIX: D3 lootsets have now an itemLevel (65 + 94), else they can not come out of inventor random lootset transmute;
  • CHANGE: ONB spawnchance DRASTICALLY increased → (1 + OmegaLevel)/10! → means at Omega Level 100 you should have approx 10% chance to spawn an ONB from ANY boss → ALOT more aggressive on spawnchance now :smiley:
  • CHANGE: Omega Minions → adjusted: classification hero again with according mapicon for better overview at spawning, decreased charlevel -1, adjusted resistances to be a bit less op for minions, removed hero archetype generator, changed all names to “Empowered Omega Minion”;
  • CHANGE: ONB + Guardian + Minions → adjusted their bios to be more on par with D3 Bosses;
  • CHANGE: “OP Testing Amulet” needs to be reaquired from Crazy Mike IF needed, because it has moved internally;

Will be available in an hour or so, just cleaning up a bit and do 1-2 more testruns :slight_smile:

Also finished with first D3 char Ultimate basestory campaign, finally :smiley: run was done with up to date changes, see how the increased ONB spawnchance rip my butt up :smiley: was not expecting them tbh so drastically and for sure, gear could be optimized alot, but well :slight_smile:
Grim Dawn 2022 10 27 15 51 - YouTube

EDIT1: initially i was trying to make the RoRG work with new templates, with lootsets in an array, BUT that did not work at all, it always wanted to choose the first lootset in the array :frowning: so i decided to make the RoRG work like i did, with a ring for all according lootsets :smiley: just for understanding and to make this clear, as i stated it previously;


Oh sorry, i linked the previous version 0.4h again… xD it is updated now for 0.4i! :smiley:

I didn’t notice. After downloading, I found that it was a duplicate 04h. :sunglasses: :upside_down_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink: :cold_sweat:

Very good :smiley:
btw, i have not tested on BETA, will do this when it goes live, else it will confuse me too much as some of these changes maybe change again :slight_smile:

should remove -16skr to FR from Zunimassa set, then will to normal 4~5s skr

Fuck, Omega too much, I want kill them all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Raven bug still here.

Raven buld still will black screen from SR 85 - 88. and Subjugator sometime also will blacksreen in
0.4h ver. I think all this happen because of skill effect too much. before version almost no happen black sreen. BTW I’m useing lowest effects setting.

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yeah thats plausible and will be removed from that lootset;

about your blackscreens, i personally had zero in the past few weeks, but will see if i can replicate it with your build this weekend somehow :smiley:

about ONB’s → massive changes to them already done for next update, did it today in the morning, while i had no internetconnection :smiley: mainly adjustments to the minions, all of their controllers and the summoned totem that gives shield at neardeath, also adjusted the starter und finisher pentagram spawn stat values :slight_smile:

about Raven, it was an attempt, but well, maybe unfixable with the tools :smiley:

have a nice weekend!

Colorful, beautiful. :grin:


I play my friends MOD also too much pets or some others will not happen blackscreen 1 time in 2~3hours. Means not my computer or graphics problems.

Can’t tell you really what is going on, have tested yesterday over 1-2 hours with newly created Subjugator with everything upgraded, even got the Raven Headmodifier equiped, did 80s SR, without any issues except fps drops to 30s, while beeing on nearly max settings at 1440p :smiley: it is strange… Pls upload your char somewhere and i will check it, maybe i can find it out what is going on.

Im use cloud save, I dont konw how to found my char files.

This is usually a similar path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\120710192\219990\remote\save\user\



This directory contains the character archives of customized games.

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