Aether+Lightning builds?

Not sure if this is correct section to post in. I’m talking about classes with lightning and aether skill in one because of devotions. In mods, closest build I could match is mystic knight and arcanist. I’m sad to see there is no class that has both aether and lightning damage in one skill. People discussed this in other forum saying if a class has both aether and lightning damage in one skill then they would go straight for these devotions that boost both aether and lightning and be OP. I look at that response as an excuse. Please tell me if im wrong or there is some existing builds I didn’t know about.

Check out zenith’s champion.

I just started a Champ + Dream (lit conversion) with lit + aether damage focus.

there are no skills that deal lightning and aether damage(in vanilla Grim Dawn, not played any mod), I have made a build around the devotions: arcane bomb and spears of heaven.

it is pretty hard to let this build work properly because, like you said there is no skill/mastery that support these damage types

There is “Aether Lightning”, the castable Aether/Lightning Chain Lightning spell granted as the 3-piece bonus from the Aetherstorm jewelry set…

You might have some success as a Druid -focused on TSS, Wind Devil, etc. But, it would be more Lightning Damage compared to Aether and you would have some Cold Damage thrown in… Just get lots of Cast Speed to help.

I’m not sure it would work too well, but you can try! :slight_smile:

yea i know the arcane storm set skill, it is not bad but again you have to build around it pretty specific. getting the right gear etc

Working on one, problem is it’s more Lightning than aether. Not a balance of the two. If i’m successful naturally i’ll post it.

Both Lightning bolt and thunderball from the GQ storm mastery deal lightning and aether damage. And as Kath said, dream can convert physical into lightning.

Alrighty. Thank you guys for recommend builds. I’m playing Grimillion now with that build.

Don’t forget about the “Spear of Heaven” Devotion and Celestial Power. The devotion tree upscales lightning and aether damage percentiles and the main Celestial Power deals both in redonkulous amounts.