Aether Lightning needs fixing

Finally found the 3rd item to complete The Arcane Storm Set. Realized it had no cooldown and decided to try and build around the granted skill Aether Lightning. Unfortunately it has horrible range for a ranged skill and it is target locked (meaning it wont fire unless you have an enemy target clicked)
Most if not all ranged skills that have no cooldown can be spammed without a enemy target giving them a huge QOL advantage.

Had high hopes for the skill when I saw it had no cooldown, but was extremely let down by the mechanics of it. Would love if you upped the skills range and removed the inability to use skill without clicking on a target first.

There are more issues with that set than just QoL being bad on the skill IMO. It’s meant to be a build enabling set but has stats attributed on an Epic item power budget, so characters built around it get an arbitrary handicap. Considering how hard the amulet is to find already, they could have made it all Legendary and given it the stats to go with it.

The +skills on the set make no sense, including +skills to 2 different exclusive skills. The set scales a damage type it converts away from, resulting in a damage combination that makes even less sense. Especially when combined with the bonuses to Devastation, the best way to use the set ends up being a pure Lightning or hybrid Fire/Lightning build, completely ignoring the Aether side.

Methinks there should have been 2 different things here, an item giving aether->lightning conversion, and a set giving the active skill. And all of it purple instead of blue.

Funny you made a thread to talk about this, I finally dropped the amulet today too and was about to bitch about it when I saw your post :D.

Yeah I was only talking about the granted skill in my post as I have been a long time advocate of spammable chain lightning. But the skill was very disappointing.

Maybe we’ll get Mythicals when the expansion hits. Though I still have no idea why Aether and Lightning are linked. Widow, Spear, this set… I’m baffled as to how the two even make any sense together, in lore or gear. Shrug.

There are those floating eyeball enemies and of course Valdaraan, both are aetherials that use mainly lightning damage. The obelisks also use attacks that at least look like lightning bolts and often leave aether ground effects.

I admit it’s a bit of a stretch, and of course there are zero skills in the trees that mix these two types.

It’s a set for Druids wielding Temporal Tempest daggers and using Wind Devil, lightning Devastation, and lightning Aether Lightning.

You can go 100% aether -> lightning if you dual wield, so that means giving up Devastation.

What confuses me is why the set buffs Stormcaller’s Pact and Reckless Power.

That line was in relation to the set giving bonuses to 2 different exclusive skills. Also as usual with Druid, the same concept is executed much better with another class combo because Druid sucks dick and has weak synergy. Devastation has more base fire damage than aether, so it makes zero sense to build solely around lightning damage.

Sorcerer like this is probably close to the way one should go about building that. I threw that together in a couple minutes so I’m sure there’s certainly room for improvement, I don’t even know if using Grenado is worth it. Also, I just realised that Obliteration is probably a better skill than Aether Lightning.

If one wanted to do a pure Aether Lightning build I’d consider Dual Wielding for the conversion, though I’d still opt to go Sorcerer.