Aether melee build. [Help needed]

Hello, fellow adventurers

I’m quite new to this game and I would love to hear your idea from your experience.

Input: me and my friend play plan to play this game duo, hardcore and are planning out how will we play this out, I would like to play aether melee build and my friend is also keen to play melee only

I would like to ask for an advice in possible build for me and maybe some tips for my friend as far as synergy goes, we are very lost as far as progression in devotion point spending along the lvling stage, coz devotion is very crucial for resists and sustain, what to take after what is a huge question.

So to sum up, any idea on:
aether melee build
synergy melee build for duo
devotion progression tree to get max surviveability for hardcore (what to take after what)

Thank you very much in advance for your great answers and your time.

Have a happy New Year!

Here you go

Chthlon, thanks for teh link, I basically was inspired by your build, but lack of low lvl progression tips made me create this thread and also to ask for advice on partner class and build ideas. Because we are about to run hardcore even the lvling portion of the gameplay is crucial, so it more of a question toward what to do during lvling and not about the high-end builds, a question how to ease-into them.

I don’t play hardcore, but am using this build (currently level 52 I think). The beginning was a little slow, but if paired with a higher dps/aoe class it would be fun. There are some tips for progression in the build. I leveled with Cadence and it was real slow until the late 20s. The standard would be to work on Olexra’s Flash Freeze and a Searing Ember to level. I had a few items to twink but since my main was only 60 I have run our of items at this point.