Aether resistance reduction sources (no wpn dmg)

What sources of (non-weapon damage) Aether resistance reduction are there?

I only know of the Constellation skills Acid Spray and Aether Bomb, but I don’t really like to use them.

Looking for alternatives as I’m going to try out a pure Aether damage build.

Search -*% aether resistance on this website:, it should give you a full list.

Ill just stop you there…

If you can’t stand Arcane Bomb don’t try a full aether build. You will be severly disappointed as it is one of the only AOE sources of aether res reduction.

Looking at the graceful dusk list of items, it seems the relics Haunt and Necrosis have AoE Aether resist reduction from granted skills, so I’ll try those.

And each offer half or less the value Arcane Bomb does. Useful when stacked with stronger debuffs but generally won’t be sufficient as sole source reductions come ultimate bosses (really nothing is, most all good builds stack multiple sources of resist reduction) for Aether centric builds Arcane Bomb will effectively be mandatory to do well in ultimate/cruicible.

Not what you want to hear i get… but don’t say later you weren’t warned.

Necrosis and Haunt are good.

For constellations go for Widow’s Arcane Bomb. Arcane Mark (skill granted) reduces aether and lightning resistance (i don’t see any logic in not liking it)

Black star of deceit is another option.