Aethereal Storm - Iskandra Druid build

ya ok its great explanation thanks for this but is see in the video u have 25% reduction on ur tinker belt and really great pant how ? because now at this moment i have the same problem i cant put the rest of the gear with ur V.3 sorry i really cant understand

cuz the thing what i make its i put all atribute all devotion and all skills point before put gear for make have the same stats without the gear on grim tool

Try to be more specific in the requests … maybe you are asking me how do you ‘technically’ wear items with the bonus -% armor requirement … try to take a look at this other video:
first you need to add enough points to reach at least 497 physique (487 is enough if using Rigid Shell component on belt), how much is needed to wear pants (the object that requires the greater physique) with all active bonus requirements

in the video, and with my objects/devotions, I need 7 points (you may need more or less depending on it). So (after closing the character sheet to make the transition to 497+ physique irreversible), add all the physique necessary to equip the belt (which, as long as it is not active, does not give the armor requirement bonus), then click on UNDO, and at this point put all the points left on Spirit…

To perform this operation it is necessary the Tinker’s Ingenuity belt (-15%), the chest of Iskandra (-15% cunning requirement for weapons) and the constellation of the Bull (-10%). The constellation of Ghoul helps to approach the necessary Physique, saving points to be put on Spirit

If you want to save almost all the points for Spirit, you can also use ring’s suffix ‘Of the Boar’ (49 Physique, 49 Spirit) that from this point of view, since the points saved to physique are “converted” to spirit, it’s like if it added 90 + [43% of 90] (Inner focus, Lich’s prefix) = 128 Spirit
In other words, the suffix can simply be read as ‘+65% Magical Damage’ (and equally to Duration Damage)

If it can be useful, I tried to build a Spellbinder build, without shaman nor Behemoth (in short without health regen), but with high lifesteal, and seems to work pretty well even using Reckless Power instead of Star Pact (I did not expect it) … build is definitely improvable (it’s the first time I use the necromancer), but as you can see at the end it may suffer too much lack of defensive ability and armor is really too low…to improve survivability I could add some defensive devotions (Dryad, Targo), exchange something for Blood Boil or III Omen, Reckless Power for Star Pact, Callidor’s Tempest for damage with % to petrify enemies (Mark of Anathema)…even exchange double Mindwarp for double Spark of Reality or Temporal Arcblade + Badge of Mastery to max Maiven’s Sphere of Protection (25% abs) and Haunt relic.

p.s. I know you hate these things, but this build gets close to +4000% aether damage (including the generic magical bonus) with -96% aether debuff :cool:

Spellbinder Grimtools (it may contain several errors, it’s just theorycrafting)

Short Run (I use all resistance potions, I did not want to change all items to fix them)

im gonna try to be more specific ! when i check ur video i see on ur belt and ur pant u have the required physique at the bottom the 25% reduction u just want to know u make it ou craft it because all belt and pant i craft its always 10% reduction check my screenshot : the pants : the belt

as u see its 10% reduction at the bottom i put the same devotion as u so sorry for my ignorance but i cant understand i probably make something wrong thats why i try to find it i hope so its more specific im gonna check ur video after my job thanks for ur time for explain me buddy

NeverMind i try the same thing as ur video and its work wow Thanks man but the thing its ur second weapon the 2 hand sword its important or because its the only thing doesnt work but the rest is okay

You need Direwolf Crest (Medal slot) to dual wield weapons, check you have it equipped (I think you are referring to that)

i know i have it what i say when u switch u have a two handed sword the Mythical Temporal Archblade that what i say its important or not and Elvenis sorry again for my bad english !! im french canadien so i pratice my english alot :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, i’m practicing too :slight_smile: its not important, is just another version of the build :slight_smile:

ok thanks for ur anser dannnnmmmm man its so fun this build 150 gladiator no potion and banner easy fck lolll did u have a link for all ur build i want follow u ahahah

If u have a link for all ur build its gonna be awsome

Awesome guide and really great build. As a bonus no keyboard needed for this build (lol). Love it, thanks for sharing.

Ahah thank you man, I took a break from grim dawn but if I had to compose some other build you’ll be the first to know <3

Very nice build! ‘no keyboard-potion run’ video is just insane

How are you using flash bang in this video? You see it very clearly at 5:23, and again at 5:50.
Initially I thought one of the monsters was tossing it, but AFAIK, those monsters there can’t use FB. And zantarin most definitely can’t.

Shimmering Splendor, really great granted skill.

Is this build heavy gear dependent? I am a new and clueless little hamster (17 hours in-game), and this build looks interesting. But if the awesomeness is 100% gear-dependent, then it would be pointless as a starter build.

Gear is GDStashed and apparently needs that to function.

How this build managed to get to 160 is beyond me. That should not have occurred in this Universe. Congratulations on the totally unorthodox freak-ass creative way around the fact that there (supposedly) is order of things.

Also, there are some minor factual errors in op, ex. aether corruption doesn’t give -16% rr, crab doesn’t heal any hp, rhowan crown doesn’t do anything for aether, etc., etc.

Also, I’d like to quietly point out that wendigo totem at softcap gives more heal that all hp regen in the world.

Just a question from a noob: I really like your build, but I still cannot figure out your constellation. If I just pick the constellations you used and posted, I always miss the necessary prerequisites to pick the appropriate next ones (if there is any order). For example I never have enough points to pick CRAB - the bonus ascendent points from the other constallations are not enough, but I need 6 of them to pick CRAB. So how did you manage that? Do you have a guide for picking the points of each constellation in the correct order?
Btw thanks for the guide itself, its really interesting and I am working hard to get through my char through it.

If you tell me exactly which chain of devotion you can not complete I’ll tell you how to do it :wink:

Check this for example:
1 point to yellow crossroad
5 points to Dryad
1 point to blue crossroad
3 points to Eel
1 point to purple crossroad
4 points to Empty Throne
6 points to Bard’s Harp
7 points to Tempest
1 point to green crossroad
4 points to Raven
7 points to Wayward Soul
1 point to red crossroad
6 points to Behemoth
5 points to Phoenix Fire
-4 points from Raven
6 points to Crab
-4 points from Empty Throne
6 points to Widow
-3 points from Eel
-4 points from all base crossroads but purple
5 points to Rhowan’s Crown
-1 point from purple crossroad
3 points to Ulo’s Keeper

I know it’s not an optimized build, but the point was to create a character different from the usual ones with only two keys, the default attack and a right-click skill

You can also use it with other sets

I just made two video of a Vindicator with the Runebinder set and a Spellbinder with Clairvoyant’s set and more or less the same devotions, i’m posting it soon

Ok, I will try - I need it for the dual wield build:
The last devotion build I saw was Turtle, Bull, Bards Harp, Widow, Fiend, Ghoul, Chariot of the dead, Behemoth, Alladrahs Phoenix, Rhowans crown and Crab. I know this is for sure not the correct order to pick and Behemoth is just picked for 3 points.
Anyway, I tried to figure out how you got all the necessary prerequisite points for all the constellations, but honestly I have no clue. Did you pick Quill to get ascendent points and deleted it later? Or how did you do that? Thanks alot for your reply and your patience. Like I said, I like this build alot since its a great mix of elemental magic and DD, and its still simple to use - I am tired of this multi-skills-octopus-playstyle builds as well. :stuck_out_tongue: