Aetherial Vanguard Nem Info (Spoiler?)

Hey guys, I didn’t see any info on the forums innately about this guy so after running into him and spending some time, I believe I got some good feedback and understanding of what he is, and isn’t capable of.

Archmage Alexander

Is the name of this Nemesis, I ran into him in Malmouth Outskirts south east of the portal, and effectively east of the shrine in the ruined town on the corner of it more or less.

He’s an Aether Caster that probably has the least amount of health of the new Nemesis, but he’s a glass cannon because of it. He regularly spawns Aether damaging Crystals similar to Moose that can be destroyed, he can teleport onto you, and he does two different 360 projectile attacks, one is Aether Projectiles and the other is Elemental Projectiles. The Elemental ones come back to him after spreading so be careful.

By far his biggest gimmick is his Aether Meteor spam, he does medium sized ones and he will occasionally spawn a massive one above you. To put it into perspective and I haven’t tested this yet, but I’m of the belief that this Large Meteor is meant to be dodged at all times. It literally makes your character explode into a red mist and it was regularly bringing my super health pets, down to roughly 20% life (including Primal Spirit) so the damage it outputs is insane. I would say it does probably upwards of 80k partially mitigated damage assuming my pets health, you are welcome to try to facetank it with max Aether and health I would love to see if it’s possible.

He’s got the new Malmouth Armor look, I believe the Necromancer set and he’s larger than the other ascendant mobs by about 20% so he’s not too hard to miss in a pack.

Feel free to post what you know about him, but HC characters be warned that Meteor could be something that ends your run if you aren’t careful in Aetherial areas.

It’s not spoiler at all, many of us were fight with Alexander many-many dozen times.
His meteor ability many times discussed in the forum section “ideas and feedback”

I ran into him a couple of days ago in hardcore while I was skipping trash and shadow striking towards krieg in the infestation…I didn’t even know that I was nemesis with Aetherial Vanguard yet. He hit pretty hard, I did take a meteor to the face and it did 7k damage, but his life just melted once I figured out an attack plan, cleared out some trash, kited him to a safer area, and started hitting him.

I was 80 all resists with an extra 14% reduced damage from aetherials at the time, now I’m 83 all resists with an extra 20% reduced from aetherials. But, he has so many spawn points that I’m not interested in hunting for him. If I see him I’ll kill him, but if I want to hunt a nemesis I’ll just go for fabius.