after 2000 hours i know how to fix tanks

well taunt was broken and you tried to fix it … here is my solution

add AOE taunt for tanks that stun /Throw or apply any disabling mod on mobs

that means if you dont get hurt … stun or disable them GIVE us attention
let them see there is one guy who cant be killed °°)

with this even low dps can hold aggro on a boss which whould be fair
i know that dps is so high now that it should not be an issue but it still is
because i love NOT to get hurt …

but my dps as tank is low compared to dps builds so give us some attention pls … Xtra attention or you think a hero smashed to the floor will not aggro us … ? when you throw them they should aggro for sure

and else if you dont get hurt at all it should be taunt 2

thats what i mean and its easy to fix it

The thing is this isn’t an mmo with the classic tank, healer & support classes.

So why should a certain char be ignored by the mobs just because there’s a tanky char about ??? Personally if I was the mob I’d kill the squishy char first so I could concentrate on the tanky char.

Esp since the squishy guy is the one doing the real damage while the tank just hangs around :wink:

Focusing on the guy that is hard to kill but just a nuisance instead of the one that is the immediate threat is just stupid. Doing the reverse is much better stategically…

Exactly…the squishy guy only got that way by pumping damage output not defence :wink:

How’s War Cry not an AOE taunt?

Tanks are okay. You want to be more bulky - you sacrifice DPS for that. If you check Crucible builds by Drizzto you would find that all of them are tanks, and the opinion I heard that Crucible favours tanks and DoT casters.

What you actually want is to “fix” squishy DPS classes. The proposed fix is to make tanks into pinatas so that you could force that role on someone and DPS to your heart’s content. I don’t like it - I play solo.