Agrivix Set...

Does it roll at Etram Fald’s Smithy?

I’ve yet to see a single piece of it.

After a few hundred rolls, I seriously begin to wonder.

I’ve gotten the chest once and the offhand at least twice so yeah it does. RNG is a bitch.

Those are precisely the two pieces that I’ve gotten to drop off of mobs, in the game proper, lmao.

…now about that necklace, and those shoulder pads…

Had the same problem as you. Now i need just the shoulders.

Necklaces hate me. Found Shard finally in crucible after many runs.

…got like 4-5 tomes:undecided:

Same here, I finally had the amulet drop the other day after 2k hours of play, got all excited about finally making a wisp build, and then realised I still didn’t have the shoulders. :cry:

I wonder more about where he stores the few thousand blood-soaked brains and hearts he must have by now. :eek:

Got the tome several times. No shoulderpads, chest armor and amulet yet.

Somehow reading all this I came to conclusion that tome drops as much as every other piece of that set put together, or even more, till now I got like 10 tomes and only one shoulders, 3 amulets and 2-3 chest pieces. And I gambled for amulet…

When it comes to my luck, tomes in general seem to drop much more often. Black Flame set is another set where i have some copies of the tome but i had to trade with someone else to get the rest of the set.

Edit: Just got another Black Flame Orb from the one shot of Ultimate Karroz.