Sup guys, recently found out about Grim Dawn
Why and where you ask?

Why : i was looking for a decent rpg / hack and slash such as Diablo
Where : on D3 forums

And ive gota say this, even though game is in alpha, its looking damn nice and i’m looking foward to read more on this game and see it all unfold!

found out about it a few days ago and im considering to buy the legendary pack so -_- yeah haha, ill read up first!

Which thread did you read about GD on the D3 forums? I’m interested in what they have to say about it :slight_smile:

Anyway, welcome!

I’m not EXACTLY sure what was the name of the thread though, its prolly been bumped down by now, eumm ill try to look it up

Though it was a thread about games “like” d3

and anyway the OP was talking about a few given games which… looked like they were missing something… and one of the other guy said that he had forgot Grim Dawn, a few people then said it looked intresting but not much more, not when i saw the post at the very least, i’ll try and look it up and let ya know!

Actually you should rly check it out, yas arent getting bashed at all.


Those are the results which show grim dawn
Intresting read indeed!

Heh, usually called with the other bunch of aRPG’s and some complaints about mud.

Thanks for the link, was an interesting read.

imo i see the bright side.

People will ALWAYS complain about stuff, we all know that
Although, knowing that its being talked about on D3 boards (which has a pretty decent fan base and active comunity) makes it intresting, imo.

Makes you guys known, shit i’m the livin proof, i had no clue grim dawn was being made until i read up on d3 boards, its publicity.

Plus anyone’s claims at this point in unfounded, the game is pre pre alpha and can still see some pretty big changes to pretty much everything so, imo its cool, thats just my take on it