AI Workers Forget To Grab Food, And Die While Working

I’ve observed several bugs with the AI townsfolk, where they will be fully clothed, yet freeze to death and walk to their death and not seek shelter. Ive also observed them going to work with no food, and starve on the way. Survival should take priority even in work environments, where the algorithm to travel should be interrupted when freezing or starving.

Even with the city full of food and their shelter fully stalked of provisions, they will leave home and die of hungry. While this is rare, I’ve seen it about 2 times. And I witnessed the freezing to death once. While the AI is fully clothed, and all other AI around it fully clothed, it was the only one dying of hypothermia, as if it had no clothing at all.

The next time you see this occur, make note of the profession, what they were carrying, where they were headed, and the status of their residence. Thanks!

Will do thanks, sorry I didnt see the details last time. The AI died so fast I didnt have time to hit pause.

I finally captured this rare bug, of a guard dying of hypothermia, fully clothed.

I had this happen to two different laborers who were working on flattening terrain. In my case I think they could not path from the ledge the flattening created and so starved to death.

I suspect this might be similar to one instance I had, when a villager working on a wall managed to wall himself into a ‘pocket’ between unbroken wall and a water barrier, and died there.

this happens all the time for me. I will see the meat symbol above their head
and the health bar getting lower and instead of eating they push on and die.
Many times they die right in the middle of town or even in their own house
and their house is full of food.

I also have an outpost mining camp FAR AWAY. They die all the time
walking between it and the real town and I have tried everything to stop it.
I build temp shelter every screen width and no help. I built ghetto housing
a long the way and I built storage with food a long the way. Doesn’t help
they all refuse to use the stuff.

it is not just that though. in the outpost camp I built storage for food it is
never used. The peeps all go WAY back to main town to get food and die
of starvation trying to get that food.

but wait there is more. I relocated a FULL root cellar over to the outpost
camp so that there was plenty of food and they never used it even once.

I even moved a stockyard over to stop them from going
all the way back to main town carrying ore and dying of starvation
and they never use it. There is dead bodies and ore all along
the road lol

I was forced to build a forge at the outpost to stop that and put a market
there to stop the long walks to get food. My outpost camp is not so mini
anymore and is now a second town lol

It takes me a while to figure some things out, but I finally realized that Large Maps do not actually give you access to that much additional Resources, because it is damn near impossible to extract resources from the far edges of the map without a continuous wastage of villagers. Short of providing all the amenities of a small town, there is nothing you can do - and this seems to be the experience of a lot of people that have posted here - to keep the little folks alive far away from the Town Center or a Market. They flat refuse to take food from any other sources, and after a certain distance a certain percentage of them will drop dead before they make it back to town - and they will insist on continuing to try to get back to town!

On the one hand, I suppose it is a way to keep us working to maintain and extract everything we need, on the other hand, it is extremely frustrating to provide everything the villagers need via temporary shelters, storage facilities, etc and then find that none of it works the way it’s supposed to: Temporary shelters, unless within a relatively short distance of a Market, are just temporary morgues.

yes I agree there is definitely a diminishing return side to large maps.
yes yes yes lol

this could be fixed so many ways. Right now you gotta build a mini town
is the only way to sorta fix it and they STILL will try and go back to main

Wagons are almost worthless. They need to move 10X more per run
and they should move from stockyard to stockyard. If they did
I would not have to build mini towns. My way around this is to re locate
the storage units in the game when full.

yes agree 100% they need to make temp shelters more temp worker housing like.
Where they live there except once a year they go home to say hi
to the family.

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