Aleksander meteor damage is way too high

Hi all!

Is it me or the meteor from Aleksander will just one shot most characters/builds?

I got hit once with a dualwield build (Spellbreaker), and i wasn’t one-shot but I barely survived (I don’t even know if it was a crit or not) and I have maiven’s sphere (lvl 12) + Olerons blood component for the 20% damage reduction skill. Also I got over 13k health with 80% aether resist and about 13% physical resist. this build have about 2565 DA, which is borderline with the xpac but it’s hard to have more with that build. For almost every dualwield builds and mage, stacking a high amount of physical resist is just hard… unless you have the occultist or the Inquisitor. Otherwise most sets don’t have enough physical resist. Also

With my Tactician it’s almost a joke simply because I got 74% physical resist + a shield + the Inquisitor sceal… and of course 80% aether resist. This build have 2.9k DA.

All in all, for most builds, if you don’t see the Nemesis and he cast his meteor, it will destroy most charcters. Especially builds that can’t overstack physical resist and/or DA to high amount. What I suggest is reducing the damage combined maybe with a portion of the physical damage done converted to aether damage since most builds can mitigate that damage type more easily… so it doesn’t do more than about 8k damage when you have 80% aether resist and about 15% physical resist + 15% damage absorption. For the DA an average of 2.6k should be considered, i beleive. you could possibly get an higher aether resist cap with a amulet (Avenger of cains, conduit amulets, iskandra amulet…) but if that was even needed it would make any other amulets trivial for the game which I hope isn’t the direction taken, especially when you get other ways to absorb damage and reduce te ennemy damage.

In some cases, depending where he spawn you can kinda cheese the fight by staying winthin a doorframe so the meteor doesn’t hit you. But it’s not always possible depending where he spawns and frankly having to do it is kinda stupid. A sneaky attack from that Nemesis is just way too deadly, he just need that one time you don’t see him and you’re into a fight not at max hp. Even then, at max hp it destroys most characters.

I think the dmg is fine as it is. The meteor can be easely avoided if you are too squishy to facetank it. Or just facetanked if you build propertly.

I agree it’s one of the best telegraphed attacks in the game but sometimes dodging it isn’t easy. Also, as pointed out in the other thread, his other attacks barely tickle when compared to the meteor. His damage needs to be balanced out a bit

Are you serious? Your comment is not even argumenting the problem.
What you are saying is you’re fine with the one shot mechanic. I agree the metoer can be easy to avoid, once it’s one vs one, but haveing a skill that doesn’t allow just one bad move or just simple not seing the nemesis is a bit too much.

I rather be able to react from the high damage, not being one shot. It’s not even a matter of facetanking. That’s not what i’m bringing with that thread.

“build properly”.
So you are you okay with a number of mastery combinations being oneshoted or is just taking these mastery combination not “building properly” :rolleyes:.

That’s not untrue. It is tankable. But dodging it isn’t easy, some have reported getting hit despite getting out of the anticipated blast radius

All I’m going to say is worst character in the game. BS mechanic. K, bye.

The beast nemesis is by far the worst nemesis imo. Alex is easy in close environment or when you dodge his meteor
Squidboi is tricky with the nullify but he is doable if you know when to dodge
Beast nemesis is just plain tedious, it’s less about him being broken and more about him being unnecessarily long

Yeah, the meteor is maddening. Sometimes it feels so easy to deal with and other times, partially due to the way some of the pathing works in the new areas, it is a complete headache. I’ve also had it come in at an angle, and while running out, it seemed to collide with me prior to reaching the ground, as if its radius could be triggered before actually making contact.

And having beast nemesis status in elite difficulty is BS. My characters I’m building up is not optimized yet and then while roaming around I encounter that little prick. Really annoying.


Of the 28 available mastery combinations, I’ve run 16 against Aleksander and had no problems. Aleksander still has yet to kill me once, and I’ve eaten the aetherfire meatball multiple times.

The meteor is fine. I’d prefer to see more enemies force players to move rather than the trivialization of endgame, super-elite bosses.

Wouldn’t be opposed to upping the damage output of the rest of Aleksander’s attacks to make everything he does more consistent, though, but I don’t want to see the meteor nerfed as compensation.

Yeah, tell that to the times i tried to get out of the way the mere millisecond it appeared on screen and still somehow hit me because of the broken hitbox and the isometric view. And this asshole tries to guess where you are going, leading you to run into it.

And hitting 8,5k through 2700 armor, 2750 DA, 88% Aether resist with 30% over the cap and 32% physical resist is not fine. What would happen if a squishier build tries to dodge it but it hits somehow because of how broken the hitbox is? One shot clean.

Either add a ground indicator where it will land, slow it down a little or tone down its damage.

My biggest problem with the attack is that it is literally the only thing that stings. But yeah once you get to know him it’s easy to not die to him. I don’t mind him getting nerfed a bit though (please only a bit, not too much)

Btw on the topic of nemesis, it seems there’s a very odd placement of bosses in Cinder wastes where Grava, Dravis’ Thrall and Unique Rylok boss can spawn very close to each other and your character can attract the attention of all three at once. Naturally you can survive the ordeal w/o dying but it looks like trouble for HC players

He barely do more that 10k phyz dmg with his meteor. If you are Arcanist you can time it with miror. If you are Occultist you have %phyz resist and dmg absorbtion. Demo would equip MoD with imbued racial dmg reduction. And others mastery can push health above 20k and wont even feel it.
Then again you can avoid it and others atacks from him are joke-level. In fact, Fabius with two Notched bones do more dmg and can actualy crit-shot anyone:roll:

+1000 many character can deal with this attack, a little down will help a lot.

It is tankable if you have phy res from a mastery + legendary set and/or have a shield build. Having a heavy armor helps to.
Edit: Alternatively you can also have high health. This does potentially help spellbinders and druids.

I find the games uses physical damage way too much considering how unequal the Defenses are against this damage type(unless you are alright with casters not being able to wear a legendary caster set and/or being forced to wear a shield).

Someone in caster amour takes atleast(the difference is far more if you consider shield tank builds) around 1k-1.5k(assuming 100% absorb) more physical damage than someone in heavy armor from each hit before even factoring in phy res. If you add in phy res it become even more insane.

Oh common, Alexander drop one meteor per 10 second. Count them , move out on nine.
Or just lure it to open-space, when you have perfect vision. Compared to Grava invisible projectile with imbued oneshot he is fine.

Of the 28 available mastery combinations, I’ve run 16 against Aleksander and had no problems.

Soldier and Occultist

Soldier and Nightblade

Soldier and Demolitionist

Soldier and…


Adding a target area for where it will land is a great idea. All forms of meteor attacks need this as it’s hard to always gauge where they will land in the isometric view. But I understand hiding information from the player is kind of Grim Dawn’s thing.

Getting a targeting area to work would be a lot of engine-related work OR would make it far harder to dodge meteors while on an elevated surface.

Be careful what you wish for. :wink: