Alkamos' Frost Knight - Cold Blademaster

I put together a build that combines 2 skills I enjoy using: Blitz and Ring of Steel. This build is a PBAOE specialist that makes use of retaliation for extra damage. It really gives an in your face, cold death knight vibe. It will likely struggle in single target, and RR is a bit low, but I’ve maximized what I can. I think everything works pretty well together, but I’d love some feedback on how to improve it.

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no augment on helm btw

Yes. That would be an improvement. Also should probably incorporate Amatok in the devotions.

I’d grab Yugol devo for Blood Black of Yugol for Damage Reduction and you even have full Acid to Cold to benefit more from damage.

[edit] w8 You have it on rings so I guess it’s not needed that much