Alkamos rings and transmutation

The low drop rates is what makes them/us keep playing DII.

When Grim Dawn is finished, and no more patches and stuff will be released, not many people will continue playing this game I think. Simply because the drop rates are too high and there is nothing left to find/explore. Just more builds to make…

Grim Dawn has a lot for casual players, it has a lot for theorycrafters, but it has nothing for players that enjoys grinding.

I for one am very glad I don’t have to run dungeons 56 billion times to get something to drop.

That said, I don’t really have a problem with these rings not being transmutable either. Half because of Zantai’s consistency rule, half because…well, I don’t mind GD having at least one “super rare” thing like this. And it’s rareness is definitely debatable since at least you have a set farming location, unlike most other legendaries.

Plus those rings are BiS for most cold builds, so they should be “hard” to get.

This is precisely why so many people still play this game. There’s always new builds and that adds a lot more longetivity to crappy drop rates like Diablo 2. Forever dangling the carrot in front of you with the really low drop rate is terrible design. It doesn’t add any longetivity: it makes people quit instead. (And really, people are still playing Diablo 2 because of mods, let’s not lie to ourselves).

Crate also doesn’t like insane long progression, which is a good thing. And something coming to an end is also a good thing.

The mods people use in D2 these days are muling mods, not drop rate mods.

I mean I like making new builds, but it is just that I always have the items needed for the new builds I wanna do so there is no “hunt” left :frowning: I miss finding new items.

Perhaps I should just restart and play SSF chars with no shared blueprints etc :stuck_out_tongue:

A reason why ppl still are playing GD is because of patches and game development. In 2 years when GD is finished, no idea if I still will play it. I will just sit there and stare at my items and think “I can make any build I want” how fun is that?

When I say old style drop rates I mean trying to find a zod rune in D2 1.09, not in GD.

That means the game has had a lifespan of about five years, which is pretty good. More than the vast majority of games.

I prefer when games die after few days because I can have a nice laugh. :smiley: But then I feel very sorry for the developers, because making a game doesn’t take few hours, but sometimes even few years.

When I first read about transmutation was thinking exactly about Alkamos rings,but the fact they are exclude are not problem for me.You still need two of the and after don’t know exact number of runs,but well over 200 no sign of any purple rings.In the meantime dozen Soulrend drops.Comparing RNG with other items disscused-two decrees of Malmouth in around 100 runs,also Dark One set in 2 hours,Krieg 5-6.

You have to understand Confidence levels and statistical spread in the Poisson distrubution.

100 runs drop chance 1:100, 62.5% of players will get at least one, 37.5% will get 0

200 runs, 86.5% of players will get at least one, 13.5% will get 0

300 runs , 95% of players will get at least one, 5% will get 0

Soulrend is 5% drop chance
200 runs. Odds getting 10 or more of them is about 4% chance

So in one regard you are not so lucky, in another aspect you were lucky.

IMHO not only should MIs/targetable set items not be eligible for transmutation, but also two-piece set items (as in D3), as it would be too easy to obtain the other item in the set with one simple click.

That’s a double whammy against Alkamos rings being transmutable.

Yeah,that’s true,but when we talk about about RNG feel like theory of probability has been replaced by Murphy’s law.The higher is your desire to obtain certain item,the lower are chances you’ll get it:D.And when lifes providing you with lemons-you make lemonade.Try Soulrend Reaper,but is so squishy.Even with 24% life steal and MoT keeps dying against random mobs.Still hope to find these Alky rings!

All reapers are squishy :wink:

Tried Bane of Winterking instead?

True, Murphy’s law >> RNGesus

I have not tried,cause wanted to use that Soulrend with absolute top rolls.But tried different setups,replacing blue alk rings with elemental harmony,using bat and even increasing DA over 3k.Bone harvest normal damage is 150 k and have really great crit ,but turns out damage is not everything.Plus speaking about transmutation. all people thought that can craft helmets on loop and complete sets,this way with some items excluded is better cause you’ll not get to quickly all of them.

You guys would be better off asking for an increased drop rate for those items than making them transmutable I think.

Why? Hard to get the mats for transmuting?

Finding at least two different 100*(1-e^(-x/100))^2 %

Finding at least two of any kind 100*(1-e^(-x/100)*(1-(x/100))) %

where x is number of runs (drop chance is 1:100)

Is the expected drop rate of the transmuter mats so low that the result from the first formula is greater than the result of the second? :S

+1 to op. I don’t care about Diablo. I play GD, and Alkomoses are too rare and too important as build defining gear. I don’t have an issue with the %1 or non-transmutability. I do have a little issue with there not being a rift at the 3rd floor of SoT. But since that’s never gonna happen I +1 any idea to make Alkamoses more accessible.

Or we could get Alky’s rings nerfed to the ground in a way that they remain a rare collector item, so tryhard farmers can get their endorphine fix by seeing the rare drop, and people who want to complete builds and bring them from borderline useless to godly (thanks to the inherently unstable balance in Grim Dawn) can have their alternatives that are much more reasonable to get (once they start cruci-farming anyways)

First you say that 1% is too rare

Then you have no issue with the 1% drop rates :stuck_out_tongue:

In a game where 80% is about items, I think 80% of the gameplay should be about FINDING the items…

AND that the rarity should reflect the power of the item and vice versa.

So you want the most powerful set oh cold damage rings in the game? Be prepared to grind for them I’d say.
Same with MI’s, but people are lazy and just GD stash them.

Getting gear in Grim Dawn is too easy. You can farm fucking Krieg set in Elite with a yellow item builds and viola you have 50% of the items for a build that can breeze through glad crucible… This is VERY ill-balanced, making some of the classes totally bonkers in terms of beginner strategy. It is almost like starting with a sorc on D2 ladders. Free access to teleport and damage that is indep of wpn dmg -> magic find machine light years above any other build until you get enigma and grief and thus can make a MF barb.

That’s a funny way to spell necromancer with skeletons and dim vision.

What is your point? You cant farm effectively with any kind of summoner in d2. Not even with enigma you can do some serious MF with them.