Alkamos rings and transmutation

See how there’s this special property of these rings that as far as I can tell is only shared by the shattered realm set? Isn’t that, well, cruel? I’ve played this game for about three years and only have one of these rings, imagine finding the same one twice.

I’ve gotten one of his rings about 10 times, the other one like 3 iirc, meanwhile one or two soulrends, don’t remember lol…

There are several threads about this already. Just search “Cannot be transmuted into another item from this set” on GrimTools and you will see more such set items.

They have 1% drop chance, and can only drop from Alkamos. I have 4 Touch of Anguish and 1 Touch of Dread.

Cmon I have so many more items with even insanely rare drop chances in Diablo II

ffs you Grim Dawn players amazes me with your “low drop chance” complaints…

I stopped storing soulrend after I found half a dozen. It’s all random but these rings are probably the grindiest drops in the game, punishing us for finding the same one twice seems a bit much.

1% drop chance, c’mon xD

I have items with 1:80000 drop chance in Diablo 2…

That’s nice but I don’t think the odds in other games are relevant here. Insanely grindy Korean MMOs exist, should all games follow those? :wink:

Thing is, if we can get all items in the game in 2-3 months worth of farming, what else is there to do? Just do builds over and over again? I don’t think I will play Grim Dawn in one year actually. I have almost all items already, and I will get all Forgotten God items in 2-3 months too…

I think making Grim Dawn too easy it terms of looting will scare away long term players.

There is no long-term “reward” in Grim Dawn. Your build is completed in 30hours (max level) and you can get almost all legendary items in 2-3 months worth of farming in the loot-party Crucible. Then what? make new builds with items you already have? How many times to you wanna do that?

Basically the only thing that is left in end-game is to farm highly rare MI’s?

The char progression and looting is too easy in Grim Dawn, imo

Imo, 1% drop is super high, compared to the 0.03% top drop rates from TQ. Most items actually have 0.015% drop rate. When I saw GD drop rates for the first time ever (numbers) I said “holy fuck that’s fucking insanely high”. I’ve been playing games that have literally less than 0.0001% chance of dropping a special item and still kept getting them, GD just made me think that those numbers are just jokes.

I’ve gotten once and item that has (or had if the game still exists) 0.00001524… chance of dropping. So yeah, 1% drop rate is INSANELY HIGH.

Most “elite” players and builders use GDstash anyway. So they dont care about drop rates.

Casual players think 1% drop chance is insanely low…

Is Grim Dawn a viable ARPG for us “old school” grinders? :confused:

Well, we have a wildly different tolerance for repetition I see. Hmm.

Uninstalls GD and goes back to all old craps with actual low drop rates

Fundamentally, don’t have issue with those rings being eligible for Transmutation, but the rule we stuck with is that all Set items from predictable sources (ex. Warden Krieg’s Armor or Lokarr’s) are not eligible, so it is a matter of consistency.

Would make for an odd tooltip (Sets from fixed sources cannot be transmuted, oh except Alkamos’ rings, those are cool).

Sounds like a plan.

starts to make own drop rate nerf mod

ba-dum tss

I actually have one of those rings, out of my 10 alkamos runs, also got 2 soulrends, i would love to have TQ droprates in GD, sadly they didn t stick to the goodies.

So… many people like the old style abysmal drop rates? I get terminally bored and refund games like that, but to each their own I guess.

I don’t want things to drop like candy, but i also don’t want things to take forever to drop. For me there needs to be a middle ground where i feel like i earned something but it wasn’t extremely painful to get it.

So i’m glad Grim Dawn has the drop rates it has and not those garbage drop rates like in Diablo 2, where people would literally take years to get some of the items with the lowest drop rate.

I was planning on making a mod that increases drop rates like Defiler did for TQ, but then thought about making a program that helps with modding the values for your mod, so you’ll need to press one button to modify all drops for your mod. I was planning on doing that because I had no time to farm and only ~3 hours a week to play the game. Now everything changed but I still might do such program, so you can wait and hope I’ll actually go for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

1% is not abysmal, it is higher than getting a specific legendary from a random drop from hero so…

A good build can do SoT in 5 min. You need 300 runs to be 95% certain to get that ring. 300*5 = 1500 min = 25 hours. If you do 1 hour SoT per day, you have them in one month worth of farming. Not that bad.

Krieg and Dark one set you get 95% certainty in like 6-8 hours… xD

Most people also seem to trade anyway so (trading in single player modable game… wtf)

So again, what left is there for us old-school grinders to do in Grim Dawn? Farming green MI’s with sick affix combos?

Casual dudes will play grim dawn 500 hours max anyway. They will give up regardless if they have sick items or not. And most people don’t even make it to Ultimate.

I think that people that play the game much should have an “edge” over players that don’t, in terms of accumulated loot etc. If there is no “reward” for playing 3k vs 300 hours, why should I continue playing?