All-around defensive items


When tinkering around with builds on my own in grim tools one of the “problems” I most often encounter is spending a lot of time trying to look around for good all around defensive options when I just need to round out my resistance deficiencies etc for a character.

I have found I often come back to the white lotus belt and was wondering if any of you have some good all-around defensive items that you like to slot in when when patching up resistance weaknesses. Be it giving large quantities of one resistance or a good chunk of several!


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Mark of Unlife
Sanctus Crest
Avatar of Mercy
Avenger of Cairn
Golemborn Greaves
Final March
Voidwalker Footpads
Runeguard Greaves
Wyrmscale Footguards
Sash of Immortal Sage
Hammerfall Girdle
Cord of Deception
Oldenar’s Stabilizer
And Conduits of Whisper amulets.

But all these items can be used only if you haven’t got anything crucial for those slots. Belt slot mostly occupied by good conversion belts. Most sets has amulets, if not; there are Conduit Amulets which are also a good option without modifier usage. Boots generally used for CC resists and phys resist bonus but I use the ones provides damage absorption time to time.

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if your build takes advantage of an MI in one of the armor or jewellery slots it can be a good fit for assisting with some resistance gaps (with some farming), with multi res affixes being plenty, and some fully dedicated, personal favourite being stuff like “Impervious” or “Incorruptible” prefix

  • Boots are another great source of plugging certain stat holes, some boots coming with a ton of OA/DA and resists, don’t necessarily ignore blues, there might be some decent ones.

  • other than that, Serenity relic is pretty classic, can either help with resist or stat gaps.

(crap, what was the other i was thinking off… :thinking:)

  • as a “last ditch” hail mary resort you have blacksmith bonuses on crafts you can “gamble”, ex Malmouth blacksmith for Stun/Freeze resist (can give a decent chunk), Angrim gives pierce etc etc etc (don’t dismiss blacksmith bonuses, on builds with multiple/many crafts the stat bonuses quickly add up)

  • if you are completely screwed, and your build doesn’t 100% rely on amulet slot, you also have the option to try and fish a necessary resist suffix on Conduit craft

and ofc as the ultimate “screw this build” you have the option of going absurdly offtrack with your devotion map, but that usually leads to even more pain that trying to plug the holes by other means :unamused:

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Thanks I’ll look through those items for sure! :slight_smile: You are right though, most of the time I end up slotting in conversion in the belts!

@Gnomish_Inquisition Those are some good tips, one of my current builds run several MI’s so it should plug some holes to farm for the right affixes. I also read that different blacksmiths give different stat bonuses ages ago but had forgotten it, I need to look up that list again :smiley:

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this is what i fall back on with my builds. if i can’t use belt / relic then i grab the constellations solemn watcher / obelisk of menhir or both. its sometimes feasible to grab at least the 3 bottom points of obelisk.

goooood luck fishing those specific affixes on Stoneplates, not like once is bad enough, but “every” time you need pluggin holes :sweat_smile:

Solael Pants
always roll bleed, aether and freeze res

Mythical legplats of valor. Common tanky pants.